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It Is HOT!!!

Wow. The weather has really kicked it up a notch. We are in the middle of 7th grade football right now and the 2 hour practices really test the stamina of these kids... and the coaches. Hopefully the rest of the seasongoes better than the first game... OUCH! The boys are in school and doingwell, except for Foster. He is having some issues with writing. He broke his right forearm playing football. Last year, it was his wrist. I always knew that he would be the first to break something. I was right. So baseball season is a wash this fall. He can’t throw or bat. BUT, he can still play football with a cast. Stone is doing well in school… Finally. He came to the conclusion that school is easy if youdo your homework andpay attention.Who knew that it was that easy??He is driving, a lot now. I thought that I would be afraid, or sad, or something. But I am good with it. He is really safe. I never thought that I would say that, but he is. He is growing up pretty fast too. I can tell that I did something right when I look at that kid. He isn’t perfect but he makes some really good decisions.

I didwant to take a little time to tell you all that I am so grateful and thankful for the support that you have given tome andmy family over the past fewweeks. The journey that we have been onwithSophie has been, to say the least, surreal. From the texts, to the emails, to the phone calls, to the words of encouragement in Kroger. I am just in awe of the amount of love that you have shown. By the time this reaches you, we will know the results of the Competition. However it turns out for her, win or lose. She has won. If there was ever a question, we know that the community that we chose to live in was the best decision that we have ever made. Collierville, THANK YOU!! Jeremy


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