IACC-Re-imagining Conference Lunches

BRIEFINGS ON ARRIVAL An ideal time to share information with attendees, is on arrival to the venue on day 1. Much like the fire drill presentation of the past, a short group presentation can be very useful in setting out key information. CHANGES TO THE SALES PROCESS The information required by the venue, from the sales or conferencing planning department is different today, to the past. For the reasons set out under the reassurance section, venue teams will need to get a good understanding of how the client wishes to manage their event and attendees. In addition, it is now the responsibility of the venue to match these needs, with the appropriate lunch (and breaks) service type. Different service approaches result in different interaction between attendees and staff. A savvy venue will set these out for their client.

IACC venues have access to a strong line up of sales related learning and educational sessions online.

Download the sister guide to re-imagining refreshment breaks at IACCmeetings.com

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IACCmeetings.com: A guide to re-imagining conference lunch breaks

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