IACC-Re-imagining Conference Lunches

Advance Information Exchange

DELIVERING REASSURANCE Information needs to flow two ways, to the venue and from the venue to our attendees, through the meeting organizer. Key information the venue needs to convey,

relates to providing reassurance that they are in safe hands and measures that are in place for sanitation measures that are in place, such as sanitation procedures. In addition, any changes that are to be considered as it relates to service. This is especially true for groups returning to a venue, who had a different experience previously. It is also important for the venue to set out expectations as they relate to required attendee behaviour, such as PPE wearing. Knowing in advance what is non-negotiable and or what a group may impose for their own attendees, that other groups may not require, is important. People will want to understand why one group is adhering to one set of measures, whilst having line of sight to another group behaving differently. It is not as a simple as asking all groups in your venue to adopt a single set of procedures, as it has been seen that some groups seek standards more stringent than legislation specifies.

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