Doctor's Day 2020

Dr. Mosel Twins

Dr. Melissa Mosel, pediatrician at Great Plains Pediatrics, and her husband Dr. Dan Mosel, dermatologist at Greater Nebraska Dermatology Clinic, were shocked six years ago when they found out they were having twins. “We thought the OB was playing a joke on us for a minute,” said Dr. Melissa Mosel. The Mosels have four beautiful daughters: Cora, age eight; twins Avery and Kate, age five; and Julia, age two. “Dan came from a family of four boys,” said Dr. Mosel, “so having four daughters was very different for him.” Although the twins have different personalities – Avery is more social and loves to read, while Kate is a bit shyer and loves to be outdoors – they are the

very best of friends. “They play together constantly,” said Dr. Mosel. “They sometimes get annoyed when they have to take breaks from playing to do things like eat dinner with the family.” They are also very empathetic and caring for one another. “For example, if Avery were getting a splinter removed in one room, Kate would be in the next room crying.” Dr. Mosel doesn’t necessarily think they can feel one another’s pain, but they do share a special bond. The girls are not identical, but they look very similar. “Sometimes when I look at their baby pictures, I have a hard time telling who is who,” said Dr. Mosel. The Mosels chose to raise their family in North Platte to be closer to family and also to have access to outdoor activities.

Dr. Engler Twins

Dr. Renee Engler, emergency medicine physician at Great Plains Health, and her husband, Joe Engler, are proud parents of 15-year-old twin boys, Kaleb and Seth.

boys were immediately under the table,” said Dr. Engler. “We didn’t even eat,” adds Joe. “We just gathered the boys and left for the hotel.” But the trouble didn’t stop at the restaurant. The boys called the front desk at least 10 times before Joe and Dr. Engler unplugged the phone. Then they started jumping off the couch. Soon the hotel contacted them and let them know they were getting complaints from other guests. Finally, they decided to just pack up and go home. “Our first great vacation – it lasted all of 20 minutes!” laughed Joe. The twins may look alike, but that is where the similarities end. Dr. Engler said, “It’s strange because they don’t really feel like twins. They seem like two completely different people with the same birthday.” Kaleb loves anything to do with the outdoors, while Seth loves to play sports, and he plays trombone and sings in choir.

When they found out they were expecting twins, they were thrilled. Joe made the decision to give up the Marine Corps and his business to stay home with the boys. The twins were born premature and weighed only three pounds each. The OB told them not to take the babies outside the home for at least a year or two. During that time, the Englers only took the boys out for doctor’s visits or occasional visits to see grandparents. After two years, the Englers decided to take their first family vacation. They left their home in Lincoln and went to dinner in Omaha. “I remember we got to the restaurant, and the 11

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