2020 Catalog

Product Standards

Porta Door cuts only "F.A.S." and "SELECT" grade materials as graded by the N.H.L.A. grading rules. All lumber is hand selected for consistency in quality. "Standard" grade material should be used on orders receiving stain other than white or a finish other than natural. The product will be matched for grain and color on a lumber run basis. There may be grain and color variations per piece. "Select" grade material, ensures grain and color matching per piece and throughout the order. A select grade of material is recommended for all clear, light and white stain finishes. Although select grade ensures grain and color matching throughout an entire order, the color may vary fromorder to order as different lumber lots are used. Select grade Cherry may have sap (white wood) on the back andmachined portions of the piece. Select Ashmay have brown patches on the back andmachined portions of the piece. Products ordered with veneered panels may have color and grain that is inconsistent with the hardwood framing around it. The veneered panel is not produced by Porta Door, and is impossible to ensure the grain and color matching of the product ordered. All hardwoods and solid woods, in general, shrink and expand due to variations in moisture levels fromone environment to another. All lumber used by Porta Door is kiln dried to 6-8%moisture content. Season and weather conditions cause movement in the hardwood product that is sometimes visible andmay be more visible in some than others. The factors related to the movement are affected by the size of the product (mostly the width), the environment, and finishing. Porta Door suggests for mitre constructed doors, the climate be as dry as possible and the temperature and humidity be controlled if possible. Mitred joints will open and close, sometimes up to 1/8", due to the properties of hardwood. Domestic hardwoods sometimes vary in color fromone lot to the next. Summer cut maple may sometimes be a little darker than winter cut. Maple color variations are due to the chemical dipping process used by the mills to reduce fungus growth. Cherry tans, just like human skin, if left inthe sun for a period of time. Cherry darkens with age naturally, therefore cherry replacement products will not match existing products. Red Birch andWhite Birch when finished clear or stainedmay cast ribbon effects darker or lighter than the surroundingmass. This colorationmost times can not be seen in its rawnatural and is not to be considered a defect. As nature provides no two trees to grow alike, it must be expected that a degree of color, grain and texture be expected on all products.

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