2020 Catalog

Product Standards

Porta Door guarantees all products for sizing, squareness and warpage as per the following: All products will be sized as ordered +/- 1/32". All products will be squared to 1/32". All doors and drawer fronts will be guaranteed against warpage up to 1/4" for all single panel doors up to 48" high and 24" wide. Unless other wise specified at the time of order all doors other than mitred over 24" wide and 48" high will be produced 2 panels wide or high as appropriate. All mitred doors will be produced single panel unless otherwise specified. Unless otherwise specified in this guide, all standard frame widths are as indicated by the drawings enclosed. All drawings are full scale, these dimensions are true before and edge profile is applied. The frame width is reduced by 1/16" after machining. Customwidth framing is available at the customer's request. Dovetailed boxes are available in any wood type. Maple boxes are produced in soft maple unless otherwise specified by the customer. All bottoms are 3/8"maple plywood unless otherwise specified. Drawer box sides are standard 1/2" thick, 5/8"&3/4" are available. Drawer box bottoms are a standard 9/16" fromthe bottomedge of the box. Finishing is available on all products. All stained and clear finished products are finished with "M.L. Campbell" products. All sealer and topcoat applications are applied through an air assisted airless systemand is applied at a 4.0 -5.0 filmthickness. Topcoats are available in a dull, mediumand bright rubbed effect sheen. Please contact customer service for exact product specifications. Polish Sanding is available on all doors and drawer fronts. This service ensures the removal of all cross grain scratches and small imperfections. It does not ensure the product is ready for finish. All polish sanded products are sanded with grits fine enough to remove all cross grain scratches. Further sandingmay be required tomatch parts not produced or sanded by Porta Door. Handling and unpackingmay cause minor abrasions andmay require further sanding.

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