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Step #1. Determine all factors involved with the type of door ordered. Wood Type: Fromthe material list in this product guide, choose the wood type needed. Mould Type: Porta Door offers a wide variety of standardmould types, please indicate the mould type desired. 4/4, or 5/4: Indicate whether ordering 4/4 (finishes to 3/4") or 5/4 (finishes to 1") material. Panel Type: Choose the panel type required, as listed in this guide. Door Design: Porta Door offers a wide variety of door designs to suit the tastes and design needs for everyone. Please indicate the door design required. Lip Type: Choose a lip profile fromthe variety shown in this guide. Polish Sand: Indicate, if any, the type of polish sanding required. Finish: If finishing is required, indicate finish color for the choices in this guide. Indicate amount of each size, if lipped as pairs. Indicate width then height, any options necessary. Additional Items: If any, Veneer, moulding, wine racks, etc.


Panel type or Raise

Outside edge profile "Lip"


Stile &Rail Mould Type

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