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Step # 2 Round off door dimensions to the next higher even inch and determine the total square footage. EXAMPLE: Door size: 12 3/4" x 25 1/2" RoundUp: 13 x 26 13 x 26 = 338 sq. inches, divided by 144 = 2.35 sq.ft. Step #3 Multiply the square footage by the appropriate material price to determine the total material charge. Add design cost and any option charges to the total material charge. EXAMPLE: 2.35 sq. feet x $9.18 (RedOak) = $21.57 Add door design cost (4/4) (PRP15) = 8.10 AddOptions ( lip charge) = .95 Add (Polish Sand Face) = 1.00 TOTALDOORPRICE $31.62 Pricing a frame only is the same as pricing a door. However there Pricing a typical drawer front is the same as pricing a door, except there is a 1 square foot minimummaterial charge on drawer fronts. Youmust be sure to use the appropriate design cost in this guide. Things to knowabout pricing doors andDrawer Fronts Doors carry a 2 square foot minimumcharge. Drawer fronts carry a 1 square foot minimumcharge. Doors over 24" wide and/or over 48" high single panel in either direction carry an additional 20%charge overall. Remember pricing options if the product is not standard. Such as, wide framing on doors, hinge hole boring, etc. is one differnece in calculating the square footage. Always use 9" as the common width of the frame regardless of the actual size. Multiply 9" by the height to determine the square footage. Proceed with pricing as if a normal door.

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