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Conditions of Sale

All products must be ordered by giving the exact overall size. Be sure to specify design, wood species, mould, and lip type. If information is not  complete, we will automatically revert to our standard mould and lip type. Cancellations and changes can only be made on orders already in  production if the material and labor costs involved are assumed by the customer.  Acknowledgements on all orders will be mailed, emailed, or faxed showing the order as it will be produced. You will be informed of an anticipated ship date as soon as it has been scheduled. It is the customer’s responsibility to carefully check the acknowledgement against the order and notify  Porta Door Co., Inc. of any differences prior to the order reaching production. Failure to notify Porta Door Co., Inc. as indicated will absolve Porta Door Co., Inc. of any responsibility for errors. All telephone orders will be read back to the customer and will be acknowledged as read. Porta Door  Co., Inc. will not accept any responsibility for order differences.  Credit will be extended as per the terms to those who qualify. A credit application and personal guarantee must be completed and reviewed. The  debtor agrees to pay 1‐1/2% service charge on all monies owed after 30 days from the date of invoice. The service charge will be assessed on a 30 day basis. Any monies paid after 30 days but before the next 30 days will be assessed the appropriate portion of the 1‐1/2% service charge.   The sold customer and/or its principles agree to pay reasonable attorney fees as provided by statute, court costs, and any other expenses incurred in collecting any unpaid balance.  “Special Rush” orders are new orders needed in an expeditious manner. These orders will be completed in seven (7) working days and then  shipped. This could incur an additional 50% premium above a normal priced order due to the “Special Rush” nature of this order. An order confirmation may not be sent. Porta Door Co., Inc. will not accept error responsibility for any order taken over the telephone.  Delivery times on special designs, wall panels, mouldings not in stock, etc. can not be guaranteed for an exact date. Upon considering the nature  of the order, estimation can be given at the time of the order.  Porta Door Co., Inc. guarantees all its products for one year from the date of shipment (except those otherwise specified). Guarantees do not  apply for improper storage, handling, or finishing on the part of the customer.  As nature provides, no two trees to grow alike. It must be expected that a degree of texture, grain, and color variation will exist on natural wood. These characteristics of nature’s work should not be considered a defect.  Any item claimed to be defective must be returned to our shop in the state it was received. Porta Door Co., Inc. agrees to repair or replace any  product at its option as appropriate. Items claimed to be defective which have been further worked, drilled, machined, finished, etc. will be  repaired or replaced at the customer’s expense.  All raised panels doors less than 24” wide and/or 48” high carry a guarantee against warpage of more than ¼”. All styles other than the “PFP Series” carry a guarantee against warpage of more than ¼”. Any frame type door over 24” wide and/or 48” high requires two panels to be  guaranteed against warpage of more than ¼”. In accordance with our guarantee maximums, any door ordered over 24” wide and/or 48” high will automatically be made a two‐panel door unless specified “single panel” by the customer. If the customer specifies a “single panel” door over the  guarantee maximums, it will carry no guarantee of any sort whatsoever, and will carry an extra charge over the cost of a minimum of 20% over the cost of the door.  All prices are F.O.B. Seymour, Connecticut, to be shipped best way – unless special shipping instruction are received by Porta Door Co., Inc. Porta Door Co. Inc., assumes no responsibilities for shipping damage or delays.  Damaged by shipping other than “Our Truck”, all claims must be filed by the receiver. Damaged by our truck must be reported to our office at the  time of delivery. Replacements for items claimed to be damaged of defective will be handled in an appropriate manner to ensure an expeditious  replacement of the product.  Shortage claims must be made within five (5) days from the date of shipment. All shortages must be confirmed by Porta Door Co., Inc.  Porta Door Co., Inc. is a full‐service finishing facility and feels the need for our customer to completely understand the characteristic of stained and painted finishes. A situation may exist wherein the Porta Door Co., Inc. finished product will dry out or pick up moisture. In either event, the expansion or contraction of the product joints can cause the finish to fracture, chip, or peel. This will in no way affect the stability of the product,  however, Porta Door Co., Inc. will not guarantee any finished product beyond the initial acceptance if the product applications of paint and stained  finishes are as per manufacture’s instruction. Colors will vary from samples, additions, and replacement product to previously finished products will not color match – due to age, finish lot, wood lot, etc.  Wood species will darken, Porta Door will not be responsible for color changes in products finished or unfinished.  Architectural mouldings of the  same species as other products orders may have different colors, grain and tone. Products containing veneers and hardwoods of the same species  may vary in color in the raw and when finished.

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