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I taly has long mastered the art of food. When most people imagine traditional Italian food, they think of a picturesque villa, where chefs pluck ripe tomatoes and fresh basil from a garden outside their kitchen window, where friends and family laugh over heaping plates for hours.

Squisito Pizza & Pasta ANNAPOLIS TECHNOLOGY PARK 2625 Riva Road, Suites E-F Annapolis, MD 21401 410.266.1474 QUARTERFIELD CENTER 801 Landmark Drive, Suites D-E Glen Burnie, MD 21061 410.266.1474

Quarterfield Center, this location is a favor- ite in the Baltimore metro area. Nearby residents and professionals hold dinners and fundraisers with Squisito, which “goes along with our neighborhood feel,” said Victoria McGrath, advertising and market- ing director at Squisito. “We maximized the space with dining areas and ... cater- ing, counter service, beer and wine, etc.” Ever since the franchise began working with Bill Holzman at St. John Properties, they knew they would enjoy a long-stand- ing relationship. The local support that the landlord offers to the restaurant gave man- agers the confidence they needed to focus on food and customers. This personal rela- tionship is what encouraged Squisito to lease from St. John Properties long-term. With location support from St. John Properties, Squisito successfully creates an Italian setting. The chefs may not meander from their industrial American kitchens into dewy gardens with a back- drop of Italian villas, but visitors still enjoy good food in good company. Isn’t that what food is really about? Buon appetito!

Good chefs know that delicious, molto bene food is about ingredients and camaraderie — Squisito Pizza & Pasta has mastered both of these elements. Using the best ingredients to create made-to-order pizza, pasta, sandwiches and salads from family recipes, Squisito’s authentic meals are served in a casual,

cozy atmosphere. Competitive prices, out- standing customer service, a clean setting and, of course, the food, set the stage for a tasty meal with family and friends. Squisito’s location with St. John Properties needed to meet specific criteria for a fast, casual pizza and pasta restaurant that felt like a neighborhood Italian eatery. Based in



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