IACC-Re-imagining Conference Refreshment Breaks

DECISION MAKING In the past, taking time to evaluate, deliberate and select the items you want from the break was enjoyed by many, but this was time consuming and, in some cases, could lead to congestion at service times. Congestion equals risk and as we avoid these pinch points whilst keeping the individual choice and experience intact for the attendee it makes sense to share information to attendees in advance, reducing the pondering moments at break times. One approach is to share information on the food and beverage for that day, at the first break, or even in advance in the meeting room. This is not confined to breaks but can also be a relevant approach for the lunches and dinners, by sharing menus. Visit IACCmeetings.com to download the sister guide to re-imagining conference lunches.

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IACCmeetings.com: A guide to re-imagining conference refreshment breaks

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