Software Supplement 2021

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Wendy Muirhead Vice president, Ceridian Europe

For the payroll profession and for obvious reasons, 2020 was a year like no other. With a mass shift to virtual working, ever-evolving regulatory changes and an incredibly volatile employment landscape, the responsiveness of payroll professionals was tested to the limit. However, we’ve found that the payroll profession responded diligently and with agility to adapt to the rapidly evolving landscape. During a recent webinar we asked: “How would you rate your organisation’s response to Covid-19 from a payroll perspective?”; nine out of ten responded with an average or better score, with 48% saying their response was ‘excellent’. But that’s not really a surprise given that payroll practitioners have a propensity for attention to detail, to problem solve and to do so with a cool head. But we shouldn’t have to rely on these traits – and this software supplement highlights ways technology can help. When we built Dayforce in 2012, we did so with one core belief – that if we could replace the archaic, batch-based processes that were prevalent across all experiences of human capital management, we could create strategic value for companies and engaging experiences for their employees. We started with the continuous calculation of pay. We noticed that all technologies in the market had a separation of data across the pay and time systems, which meant payroll administrators could not access their data until one day after the pay period ended. The result was a very rushed close of payroll and a sub-optimal quality of pay.

As we continued to research, we discovered the same essential challenge caused similar inefficiencies in hiring, onboarding, compensation, learning, performance management, and workforce management. We designed Dayforce with a single database and single rules engine across all experiences of human capital management. We knew if we did this right it would lead to cost savings, higher-quality, more compliant pay, and valuable real-time data that business leaders could use to make better strategic decisions. The same principles told us there was an opportunity to significantly improve the employee experience. With Dayforce Wallet we disrupted the notion of a fixed pay period and empowered employees with on-demand access to their earned wages. Dayforce Wallet allows employees to see exactly how much they’ve earned at the end of each day – net of all taxes and deductions. And it gives them the power to choose to get paid immediately. We launched Dayforce Wallet in April 2020 in North America, and hundreds of customers signed up within the first six months. With tremendous feedback from employees, we are expanding the countries where Dayforce Wallet will be available to include the UK, among others. Hopefully, we will not experience a year like 2020 again any time soon, but it’s unlikely that things will be plain-sailing for payroll professionals. So, I encourage you to take some time to explore some of the technology solutions that can help you add strategic value to your organisation and better engage your employees.



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