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It was in the early 1970s that I first encountered payroll software and appreciated its transformational potential. The computer technology then was solely ‘mainframe’, with batch processing performed which required large disk drives being laboriously connected and disconnected from the processor. Though the processing power of computers and software in the 1970s was astounding, this has been surpassed in every way imaginable. Today, small to tiny yet astonishingly powerful computers can sit on desktops or be held and be easily transported. The explosion in processing power and storage capacity obtained via technological advances has enabled and driven the emergence of new software for a wide range of purposes. Much if not all of these extraordinary developments rely on the internet, which is itself an awesome invention reliant on computer technology. Internet-connected software (apps) are increasingly encountered in our work and recreation, and it is difficult if not impossible to imagine work and a world without them. We might of course be somewhat casual in choosing recreational apps for our personal devices as we can quickly ignore or remove them as we wish with little if any cost or damage. Choosing payroll and HR software, however, is comparatively a much-more onerous decision and commitment, with potential for unforeseen costs and damages were poor or inadequate selection made. Making the right choice of software for payroll and HR demands essential knowledge of many things, such as suitability, functionality, and features. Not only is it necessary to identify whether the software being reviewed can fulfil existing processing requirements, but also

whether it offers a means to implement new and preferred methods of working and processing whether immediately or in the future.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many businesses to focus on reviewing their payroll and HR software and processing requirements. The providers of such software and processing services continue of course to develop these using innovations to attract and retain clients and customers. This directory is a resource, an informative initial research tool for those businesses wishing to review and compare their existing payroll and HR software and processing services with those available in the market now. The tables in this directory enable swift comparisons to be made.

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Although the information within this directory has been supplied by providers of payroll and/or HR software or services it has not been verified by the CIPP. Additional market research should be conducted before engaging with any new supplier of software or services to ensure business needs are met.

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