Software Supplement 2021

It’s high time for smarter payroll software Say hello to the next generation

With Microsoft Azure, any kind of software integration is simple. Plus, Azure offers best-in-class security, reliability and flexibility – all via the cloud. So, partnering with Microsoft on this makes a lot of sense. As we well-know, cloud-based software that enables instant access to users and employees, any time, any place, is more important than ever. Although it’s perhaps concerning that our payroll survey also found that 41% of businesses are still using on-premise software and have no option but to go to the workplace to process payroll. As the effects of the pandemic continue, we’re all very conscious of the need to protect our people, and on-premise software – right now – may be exposing colleagues to risks they simply do not need to face. A brand-new user experience Let’s go back to your banking app. It’s got a clear and simple menu structure making it intuitive to find things, and its clean design helps you easily navigate the screens. This all makes it quick and easy to use; there’s no confusion and no furrowed foreheads. Which is exactly what Moorepay wanted for our payroll and HR software users – real ease of use. So, we’ve streamlined the menu screen, we’ve redesigned the user interface, and we’ve added built-in user-guides. This brand-new user experience makes our payroll and HR software one of the most user-friendly products on the market. What’s more, as part of the Next Generation release, we’re launching an employee app. This means employees can conveniently access payslips, book holidays and view important information, all from their mobile device. It also includes two-factor authentication to enhance security and minimise the risk of data-breaches. The employee app is something Moorepay customers asked us to prioritise. Well, we listened. Going forward, I’m especially excited to share ongoing improvements we’ll be making in order to improve the employee experience. When does Next Generation arrive? We’re launching our Next Generation software this year. We will be updating Moorepay customers in the coming months. As mentioned, there’s a comprehensive list of features and benefits that come with the Next Generation release, as this has been one of our most significant software investments to date. So, if you’re interested in finding out more, head over to the Moorepay website. Because your payroll and HR software should be as easy to use as your banking app.

Anthony Vollmer Managing Director, Moorepay

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, payroll professionals have been deemed key workers – and rightly so – because processing payroll is business critical. Something else that’s critical, is the software payrollers use for that task.

Whilst there’s no silver bullet to process an accurate and timely payroll, your software is a tool that will make the job easier or harder.

So, what do you need? And, just as importantly, what do you want? To help answer those questions, think about your mobile banking app. It’s – most likely – of a very good, consumer grade standard. That means you don’t need an instruction manual or a day’s worth of training to learn how to use it: viewing your account balance, making a payment, or reviewing last month’s outgoings is easy. Is it fair to expect that kind of gold standard from your payroll software? I believe so, yes. Which is why I’m very excited to bring to the market our latest software release. A set of game-changing, next-generation product updates that will make a powerful difference to how payrollers and employees experience payroll. There’s a long list of new features that come with this release, but I’ll tell you about two that will have a huge and lasting impact on our customers. Cutting edge technology: Microsoft Azure On the surface of it, this may not sound particularly exciting, but hosting our software on Microsoft Azure comes with some notable benefits. Firstly, we can take advantage of their open API (application programming interface) infrastructure. Put simply, that means Next Generation users can – in many cases – easily connect their other systems and software packages to it. For instance, your accounting, time management and HR (human resources) software. Our recent annual payroll survey (2020) found that 30% of the market are using two separate systems for their payroll and HR, with no integration at all. In my eyes, that’s frankly one too many payrollers having to enter the same data twice, wasting their valuable time and increasing the odds of costly mistakes.



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