Pittman: Don't Ignore Back Pain

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“Very professional!” “When I came here I was in horrible pain. I had to hold on to things to walk. My pain level was around a 7 to 8 and it was constant. After a few visits here, my pain level started to get better. The stretches and the kneading that was done has made my pain level to drop to a 1 to 2 and my activity has improved to where I can get out and do things. I can stand and walk longer with little or no pain. I can do activities around my home that I stopped doing. Jeff, Jeremy, and all the staff were great and very professional.” -Linda B.


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“Improved flexibility!” “Prior to PT, I had trouble bending to tie shoes, get t ing comfor table to sleep and sitting or standing for long periods. After PT, I have improved in flexibility and strength in the back- both upper and lower areas of my back.” -Andy C.

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