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People spend a lot of money and time on perfecting their eyebrows. They’re plucked, tweezed, thinned, trimmed, painted on, tattooed, or filled in — all in an attempt to create the ideal fullness and shape. The variety of tools out there, including brushes, spoolies, needles, and ink, hint at our brow-obsessed world. A look at brow trends through history reveals that humans have given this facial feature special attention for centuries. 1600S PERSIA AND INDIA: THREADING This precise method for grooming brows is thought to have originated in ancient Persia, where women used thread to remove specific hairs. Threading often marked a female’s transition into womanhood. It was also practiced in India and the Middle East. 1920S AND ’30S U.S.: BIG SCREEN READY Take a look at a movie from the 1920s and you’ll notice thin, drawn-on brows with little arch, a la Marlene Dietrich. In the ’30s, Greta Garbo bucked this trend and rocked a fuller arched look. ’40S AND ’50S: EMBRACING STRONG AND SOFT Brows began their ascendance to a fuller, softer state thanks to the influence of Katharine Hepburn. In the ’50s, Audrey Hepburn built on that look and embraced a strong, thick brow.

drawn-on styles of Twiggy and Sophia Loren, this time period saw brow shapes as polarizing as political standings.

TODAY: FULL AND PROUD OF IT Still recovering from the ultrathin styles of the ’90s, many are getting those overplucked brows restored, shaped, and thickened by beauty experts. Some people have turned to microblading, which uses a special tool to make tiny, hairlike cuts in the brow which are then flushed with pigment for an even fuller look.

If the current trend ever reverses and you’re tempted to pluck away, remember that eyebrows are there for a reason: They keep sweat, rain, and moisture out of your eyes, and they are also

’60S AND ’70S: FROM THIN TO THICK From the strong, defined brows of Elizabeth Taylor and Edie Sedgewick to the thinner,

important for creating different facial expressions. So, whatever the current trend, embrace your brows!


Whatever your favorite activities are — golfing, gardening, playing tennis, chasing toddlers, or anything else — they give your life purpose, fulfillment, and joy. No matter your age or stage in life, you want to enjoy life for as long as possible. But what our team

This is much different than merely signing up for an exercise class or going to a gym. Here at Activcore, the gym is designed for you.

First, our experts take time to learn about your hobbies and goals. Then, they watch you perform various exercises, taking note of the ways your muscles work (or don’t work) together to achieve proper function. They’ll use that information to

at Activcore has noticed over the years is that too many people only take the time to care for their bodies after they’ve suffered an injury. We understand. Life is already so busy without adding performance training or wellness appointments on top of everything else. But unfortunately, in order to enjoy your favorite activities for the long haul, prevention, strength building, and adequate training is key. Few people realize that we offer a wellness program here at Activcore. By applying the power of neuromuscular activation, we encourage communication between your mind and muscles, which leads to a more conducive

create a performance training and wellness program to get you feeling more equipped to participate in the activities you love for as long as you can.

If you really stop to think about it, your body is your biggest ally. It carries you to and from life’s important events and helps you take care of the people who matter most. Isn’t it only fair that you take care of your body in return? To get started on your journey toward a smarter, more well-balanced body, give our office a call today at 407-753-2192 or email at

physical workout. Additionally, our team uses Redcord suspension, Pilates equipment, and other leading-edge tools to design a program tailored to your individual needs and goals.



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