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August 2017

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August is bittersweet for me. On the one hand, we have to say goodbye to the warm summer months. On the other, we get to experience a period of milder weather and the beauties that come with autumn. You’d think my kids would be down about it, but they’re actually excited to see their friends every day at school. Gino is particularly excited because school helps him do more of what he loves. He’s really into media arts and goes to a special school for it. Jana, our sixth grader, is the athlete, and August is actually her only month off. Having children with such varied interests keeps things pretty interesting, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. GINO AND JANA

but that’s the best part — this school is giving him plenty of ways to figure that out.

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Gino does athletics, too. He spent a lot of this summer in mixed martial arts classes. But between the two of them, Jana’s much more into athletics. Her favorite sport is fast-pitch softball. Jana has been competing with a year-round traveling team for a few years now, where she plays pitcher and first base. We don’t have to wonder whether or not she still enjoys it because it’s all she ever talks about. She can’t wait to get to seventh grade so she can play for the middle school team. Beyond that, Jana also plays basketball in the winter. It’s a lot to have on one plate, but she’s surprisingly disciplined about balancing homework with sports. Having both sides of the spectrum gets kind of complicated. Gino doesn’t like going to tournaments most of the time. He’d rather be working on his YouTube channel or hanging out with his friends. But we make it work, and we spend plenty of time together as a family. In the end, that’s the most important thing to us. It’s exciting to see your children come into their own and find out what they enjoy doing. No matter what they choose, I’m just glad my wife and I get to support them. It doesn’t matter whether we’re watching one of Gino’s videos or going to one of Jana’s softball games, as long as we’re together as a family.

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A few years ago, Gino used to dread going to school. I think that’s the case with many artistic kids. Since he was young, he’s been passionate about art. I think he surpassed my drawing skills when he was only 5. He’s just always had a knack for it. Later, he

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got into videos and created his own YouTube channel where he did gaming reviews. He was always working on a project. We knew he wasn’t enjoying school, so when we found out about Lincoln Park, a media arts-focused high school, we knew we had to get him in. Luckily, he had so many completed projects that he had a nice portfolio to submit with his application, and he was immediately accepted. Now, Gino genuinely looks forward to going to school in the morning. He has to take a 50-minute bus ride to get there and back every day, but he never complains. As for the future, he hasn’t figured out yet whether he wants to focus more on photography or videography,

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Wishing you a warm and happy August,

– George Hess

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