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Providing Rides and Saving Lives Meet an Uber Driver Turned Hometown Hero

We all like to imagine we would do whatever it takes to help others if we witnessed a tragedy, such as a house fire or car accident. We see it all the time when watching our favorite shows and movies, but these random heroic acts rarely happen in real life. When they do, they’re awe-inspiring. One New York City man was faced with one of these harrowing situations and showed tremendous courage when he helped save lives, all while on the clock.

the building and found a woman who was hesitant about leaving. He convinced her to go and brought her to safety, and then he returned to help another man get out of the building. Once he saw firefighters on the scene, Sam returned to his vehicle and proceeded to drop his passenger off at the airport. She still made her flight, even with their impromptu stop. In a statement to “TODAY,” Uber said, “We’re incredibly grateful to have such a heroic and thoughtful member of our community in Fritz. He went above and beyond to keep his neighbors in New York safe — and still managed to get his rider to the airport on time.”

Fritz Sam works as an Uber driver in New York City. He had just picked up a passenger and was taking her to LaGuardia Airport when he noticed a hectic scene in a Brooklyn neighborhood. He soon saw flames and dark smoke emerging from a second-story window of an apartment building. He asked his passenger if he could pull over to offer help.

When talking to “TODAY,” Sam stated, “You’d be surprised what little things we do that can be impactful. Because, trust me, those little things are going to make a big difference for somebody.” It’s safe to say that very few people consider Sam’s actions a “little thing.” He acted heroically and is an inspiration to many.

He approached a group of bystanders, yelling for people to get out of the residence. As people fled the building, Sam asked if everyone was out. Someone said there were

still people inside. Without hesitation, Sam ran through

Celebrity Lawsuit Calls TikTok ‘Breeding Ground for Scams’ Are the Ads You See Real or Fake?

Imagine you’re scrolling through your social media feed when an ad pops up starring one of your favorite celebrities. Maybe it’s quarterback Tom Brady talking about his favorite brand of beer or actress Julia Roberts showing off her new shoes. You’re intrigued enough to buy the product. But when it arrives, your jaw drops. This isn’t the hottest new luxury item! It’s just a cheap knockoff of Budweiser or Jimmy Choo. How would you feel about your celebrity “friend”? According to Page Six, this exact situation happened to fans of “Real Housewives of New York City” actress and Skinnygirl founder Bethenny Frankel. A scam artist stole clips of her promoting a designer product and edited them, making it appear as if she were selling knockoff cardigans. Frankel posted her own video decrying the scammer, only to watch TikTok remove it for “abusive content.” In a last-ditch attempt to protect her reputation, she sued the platform for failing to protect her reputation and allowing users to post fake ads, calling it “a breeding ground for scams.” If you use TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook, Frankel’s story should serve as a warning: The ads you see sliding by on your smartphone screen may not be legitimate. To protect yourself from scammers, take these three steps.

1. Go to the source for celebrity endorsements. Visit the celebrity’s official social media page and/or website. Any products they’re advertising should be visible there. 2. Avoid in-app purchases. It’s easy to buy products on Instagram with a single click — but should you? To avoid scams, leave the app and visit the company’s official website to ensure you’re purchasing the real thing. 3. Look for signs of photoshopping, editing, and manipulation. Does the celebrity’s face look tacked onto another person’s body, or does their phrasing sound broken and clipped together? Is the celebrity sponsoring the ad, or is the brand just using their name (perhaps misspelled) for cachet? Look for these signs before you buy. Ultimately, when buying online, just remember to think before you click. Skepticism is a TikTok user’s best friend.

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