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Teacher of the Month, Zoe Foust

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A Podcast That Will Inspire You to Make a Change


With ‘How to Save a Planet’ Reduce Climate Anxiety

If you’re stuck in a cycle of worrying about the planet after a rough year of floods, fires, and hurricanes, we don’t blame you. Most of us have seen that 2022 was full of climate craziness, and constantly dealing with these disasters can leave us feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Knowing where to start when tackling the issues our planet faces can be challenging, and this uncertainty leaves many people feeling more depressed than determined. But that is all about to change with the help of “How to Save a Planet,” a Spotify original podcast that shares good news on eco- friendly trends. Join Alex Blumberg and “a crew of climate nerds” (their words, not ours) as they strive to bring you the positives of our planet, along with real changes you can make in your life that will help move our climate in the right direction.

write them in the middle. That piece between all three circles is what you can do for the climate.

You might want to try a fashion detox. This challenge asks participants to avoid buying any new clothes for 10 weeks and to use that time to reflect on sustainability. The goal is to take a moment and understand the impact of clothing on the planet.

Get in touch with your local meteorologist. If you watch the local news and the meteorologist talks about climate change,

send them an email or message on social media to let them know you noticed it, appreciate it, and want them to keep it up.

To show you what we mean, we’ll share some things “How to Save a Planet” says you can do to be a climate warrior.

“How to Save a Planet” has many more tips where those came from, and after listening, you won’t feel helpless — you’ll be motivated to make a change. So head on over to Spotify, press play, and get started.

Make a Venn diagram to find your climate change superpower! On a piece of paper, draw three circles that overlap in the middle. Each circle will have its own title, and they are “What brings you joy?” “What work needs doing?” and “What are you good at?” Find similarities between all three, and

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