October 2021


get in a group. Plus, the two coaches are young and are ex-Academy players and can really relate to the boys. Right now, the team is playing German U19 Academy teams that are in the second and third- level rank of youth teams with the goal of playing Bundesliga teams as they grow together and get better as a team. Many of the American U19 players gave up spots in MLS or USL Academy Teams back home so the talent is there, but it comes down to the experiment of American players playing German players,” Aaron said. Reece’s goal is to see if he can get a place on the regular German Schalke U19 Academy Team next year, while continuing his high school courses through Texas Virtual School Network. Texas High School is a part of the network for remote learning. As Reece continues on the professional path of soccer, his father said, “Players can really progress well under the right high- level training for a long enough duration, so that is the hope for Reece. If his potential

eventually plateaus, he can come home and go play in college. Most of his teammates already have Division 1 offers, so the fact that he is a starter on the team is encouraging. I can tell that he is improving under the daily training and games, growing into his potential. He is really blessed to be there.” The Gaylor family has also used this passion for soccer to the betterment of our city. Aaron and his family saw the benefit Reece gained by using the indoor soccer facility in Shreveport during his development. This was something Aaron wanted to recreate in Texarkana. Aaron said, “We found an existing building with some land in a nice area that was for sale that was just big enough to create a nice indoor field. Therefore, we renovated it-putting in field turf and adding some extra viewing areas, and now it is known as 5aside. We have youth and adult soccer there. It’s been great for the soccer community.”

Fields at the Integrated U19 Residential Academy at Schalke 04 in Germany.


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