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This qualification sets out to ensure an in-depth understanding of payroll, and the complex payroll legislation involved, and also provides management skills including performance, time, project and operational management Foundation Degree inPayroll Management Join over 15,000 * qualified payroll professionals in the UK

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Why CPD is important Continuing professional development (CPD) is a combination of approaches, ideas and techniques that will help you manage your own learning and development. This is an important aspect of your career as it demonstrates to yourself and your organisation that you are developing as an individual and as an employee, to improve and learn. From boosting your confidence to strengthening your professional credibility, CPD makes your working life more interesting. It can accelerate your career development and is crucial for your CIPP membership. What’s new? We have recently updated the CPD recording tool on the CIPP website to make it even easier for you to record your CPD. We have introduced a new step where you set learning objectives for you to log your CPD against. Any CPD activity that you record will be measured by our points system. We encourage all CIPP members to evidence CPD as part of their membership and the CIPP membership team make continuous spot-checks to ensure you are doing so. The evidencing of CPD activity is especially important if you are working towards Chartered membership so make sure you take the time to log any form of learning or development on your record to ensure your membership level is maintained.

How do I log CPD? 1. Log into your ‘My CIPP’ members’ area. 2. Find ‘My CPD’ on the side menu. 3. Set your learning objectives on the main CPD page. 4. Click on the blue box ‘Add a new record’. 5. Complete the form, record your activity and click ‘submit’. The main CPD page will keep a running total of the points you have recorded during your current membership year. Full details of CPD-related activities and points can be found by clicking on ‘How many points will I get for my CPD activity?’ at What can I log as CPD? Any form of learning or development that benefits you in your professional environment. If you have learned something new, then this is CPD. Completing each activity equates to various CPD points. Examples include: ● using the CIPP’s advisory service (1 point) ● reading News On Line, Professional in Payroll, Pensions and Reward or another publication (see table) ● attending training courses and/or events (3–10 points, depending on the event). n Contact us If you require any help with your CPD please email or call 0121 712 1073. If you would like to discuss your CPD further, the CIPP also offer face to face appointments at all of our events.

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