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Your back takes on a lot of daily challenges, and yourelyon itheavily—whether it istoshoulderyour emotional stresses or to physically lift something that you need to carry. Fortunately, your spine and the muscles of your core (gluteals, abdominals, paraspinals, pelvic floor, and diaphragm) that support it are inherently very strong and built to hold your body upright while managing external loads,suchasshoppingbags, laundrybaskets,ora bagofpetfood.Yourback alsoplaysa largerole in themaintenanceofhealthypositionsandpostures, such aswhile you’re driving, playing sports, lifting your child, or even just sitting at home on your couch. When your back becomes painful, it could

be due to an acute injury, such as amuscle strain, a lack of awareness about your positioning when you’re sitting or driving, or improper mechanics when you’re bending or lifting something. With all of the wonderful things our backs are equipped to do, coupled with the advent of more sedentary lifestyles, DIY workout programs, and a confusing medical system, it is no wonder that so many people still experience back pain every year. Unfortunately, many people choose to ignore their back painwhen it arises, and thismay cause the pain to worsen over time! (CONTINUED INSIDE)

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