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Chex Online App Ordering

1. Go to

Login with your email and password

2. This will take you to our homepage where you can click on a link to get to our products. You can click on any of the buttons; the following are the most popular. a. All items will bring you to the full catalog; New items will take you to New items b. My History will bring you to items you ordered on a previous order from Chex c. Order History will take you to your previous orders

3. When you login, first set your view by clicking on the picture button (four squares) a. Online and ipad view is a list view; it shows in stock, po due dates and pricing.

a. Medium view is a grid view with bigger pictures. It has the same information as the online view.

To place an order on either view, click the plus sign to add a case to your cart.

4. On the left you can reference the lists a. All Items b. New Items This Month

c. My History (Items purchased from Chex) d. Top Sellers, Top Differentiated and Top New Items are in rank order which is updated on a quarterly basis e. Chex Pix are 20 recommendations based on your purchase history - updated monthly!

The smart filters is where you can search by category, brand & more!

Search or click on any of the smart filters such as brand or category. Click on Apply to search!

5. As you order items the dollar amount will appear

6. Go to the cart to see the items you ordered. You can click on order tag to order a retail shelf tag to go with the order. Push submit to send the order!

7. On the Top right is order history and future orders where you can click to see past or upcoming orders from Chex.

Thank you. Please check our website for our app videos:

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