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Derek Duval steps into PC political ring


Postes comblés aux comités consultatifs Certains postes vacants au sein des comi- tés consultatifs ont été comblés. Le conseil municipal de Clarence-Rockland a approuvé la nomination de Stéphanie Simard et Chan- tal Burelle-Demonsand au comité consultatif culturel. Le conseil a également approuvé deux nominations au conseil de bibliothèque. Il s’agit de Sherry Oake et Arthur Voth. Ceux-ci siégeront au comité constitué de sept personnes jusqu’à la fin du mandat actuel du conseil municipal. -Gregg Chamberlain Duval noted that one of the top issues he gets feedback on during his nomination campaignwalks-and-talks around the riding is Ontario Hydro. Everyone he talks to, whe- ther a homeowner or a business person, lists the cost of hydro as a worry. “The concern is themounting hydro cost,” he admitted. “They’re all talking about their bills. We have smart meters installed, we have conservationmeasures, people doing their laundry at night when the rate is sup- posed to be cheaper, and still the hydro bill goes up. People can’t keep up.” Duval thinks that Toronto has a “seat heavy” presence in the legislature so that Ontario’s rural issues do not get as much attention as they should. He cited that, along with government mis- management of Hydro and bureaucracy, as part of the reason for slow economic growth

and lack of jobs in the riding, which forces young people and families to move away. This also results in fewer students available for local schools, which forces school dis- tricts to consider school closures to cut back on their operation expenses. Right now there are two candidates— Duval and Amanda Simard—for nomina- tion as the Progressive Conservative choice for the GPR in the next provincial election. Duval noted the most important thing for the riding in the next provincial election is electing an MPP voters are certain will represent the riding. “Nomatter what party we elect,” he said. “It’s important that we elect someone to represent the GPR riding in Toronto, and not Toronto in the GPR.” La maison du store 613-850-5744 NOUS VENDONS | WE SELL PEINTURE - STORES - CÉRAMIQUE - PLANCHERS DE BOIS FRANC - LAMINÉ PAINT - BLINDS - CERAMIC - HARDWOOD FLOORING - LAMINATE Service décoratrice d'intérieur certifiée, sur place et à domicile Certified interior decorator, on-site and at home services PEINTURE/PAINTING - CUISINES/KITCHENS SALLE DE BAINS/BATHROOMS SOUS-SOLS/BASEMENTS Danny & Daniel RÉNOVATIONS | RENOVATIONS

Derek Duval figures it is time he got off the sidelines and took a more active role in politics. That is one of several reasons he gives for his decision to seek the Progres- sive Conservative candidate nomination in the Glengarry-Prescott-Russell provincial riding. “I’ve always been taught that if you want something done right, you do it yourself,” Duval said during a Sunday phone interview. “And if you want something, you go after it. You don’t sit on the sidelines and wait for someone to hand it to you.” The Vankleek Hill businessman added that dissatisfaction with some of the recent and past policy decisions from the Wynne Liberal government also prompted him to seek nomination as the GPR’s Progressive Conservative candidate when the next pro- vincial election rolls around. “It’s my future, it’s my family’s future, it’s my daughter’s future,” he said. Duval’s background includes a bache- lor’s degree in business law from Carleton University, along with experience as a small business owner running his own company in the construction trade sector. At present he is project manager for Montebello Packaging, based in Hawkesbury. He also cited his student summer work on local farms and at the Ivaco Rolling Mill as part of his experience related to being

Derek Duval tentera d’obtenir l’investiture du Parti progressiste-conservateur dans Glengarry-Prescott-Russell en vue des prochaines élections provinciales. Une autre candidate, la conseillèremunicipale de Russell, Amanda Simard, sollicite le même poste. —photo fournie familiar with the working lifestyle of the ave- rage resident in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell. “I have the real experience working these kinds of jobs,” he said, adding that he is also active in community affairs through his in- volvement with the Hawkesbury Rotary Club and as a director for the Reality Tour drug awareness and prevention programprovided through partnerships between local school districts and the community.

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