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HARFORD TRANSIT LINK provides public transit, demand response, paratransit service and commuter assistance. Harford Transit LINK provides service Monday-Friday from 5:07 a.m.- 8:57 p.m., except for County holidays. Please note that Harford Transit LINK bus routes have different beginning and end times. Please refer to individual route schedule for accurate times. Harford Transit LINK connects the communities of Joppatowne, Edgewood, Abingdon, Belcamp, Perryman, Aberdeen, Havre de Grace (HdG), Perryville, North East, Churchville, Bel Air, Riverside, VA Medical Center, and points in between. HARFORD TRANSIT LINK BUS ROUTES Route 1: Green Line (HdG - Aberdeen - Bel Air) Route 2: Blue Line (Bel Air - Abingdon - Edgewood) Route 3: Silver Line (Aberdeen - Edgewood - Joppatowne) Route 4: Yellow Line (Aberdeen Circulator) Route 5: Teal Line (Aberdeen - Perryville - HdG - Perryman) Route 6: Orange Line (Bel Air Circulator) Route 7: Red Line (Aberdeen - Riverside - Edgewood) For specific schedule information, please refer to the individual route schedules on the RouteShout 2.0 app, visit www.harfordtransitLINK.org, or call Harford Transit LINK at 410-612-1620. HOW TO RIDE HARFORD TRANSIT LINK PLANNING YOUR TRIP Harford Transit LINK’s fixed routes operate on regular schedules. To plan your trip, determine which route serves the area in which you want to travel. Determine when you would like to arrive at your destination and look at the bus arrival times to find which best suits your needs. Next, decide where and when you will need to catch the bus in order to arrive at your destination at the desired time. Arrive at the bus stop ten (10) minutes early and make sure you are visible to the driver. It may be necessary for you to transfer if the bus that serves your destination does not serve the area in which you plan to board the bus. If so, consult a bus schedule for the route that serves the area in which you want to board the bus, and find the transfer point between the two routes. You can also develop a travel plan by writing down your itinerary, the times and locations you’ll board and get off the bus. Make sure you know when the next bus is coming in case you miss your bus. Have exact change for your fare and extra cash in case of an emergency. Don’t forget emergency contact information. Plan a safe route to and from the bus stop. Use cross walks and obey traffic signals.

for this service, contact Harford Transit LINK at 410-612- 1620 or MD Relay 711. Fare is $2 or 2 vouchers. AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT (ADA) PARATRANSIT SERVICE is available to people with disabilities who cannot use the fixed route bus. The service is provided from and to locations within 3/4 mile of a bus route during normal operating hours. Eligible riders may reserve the trips the day before they want to travel. Harford Transit LINK has the flexibility to schedule the trip one hour earlier or later than the requested time. Call Harford Transit LINK at 410-612-1620 or MD Relay 711 for more information and/or to request an application. Harford Transit LINK will provide service to one companion who is accompanying a paratransit-eligible individual on a trip; fares for companions accompanying paratransit- eligible individuals shall be the same as for eligible individuals they are accompanying. A personal care attendant required to travel with a paratransit-eligible individual shall not be charged for paratransit service if pre-registered. The passenger must register his/her personal attendant with Harford Transit LINK at the time he/she applies for eligibility under one of Harford Transit’s paratransit programs. DEMAND RESPONSE/ADA COMPLIMENTARY PARATRANSIT SERVICE PASSENGER INFORMATION & PASSENGER ASSISTANCE POLICY is available online at www.harfordtransitlink.org under “Policy Manuals.” NO SHOW POLICY for Demand Response and Paratransit services - a passenger will be considered a “no show” if he/she cancels a pick-up but fails to notify Harford Transit LINK at least one hour prior to the scheduled pick-up time. If the passenger has three no-shows within a calendar month, Harford Transit LINK may suspend services for one month, unless the passenger or his/her representative can show that there were extenuating circumstances. SERVICE ANIMALS are defined by the ADA as any guide dog, signal dog or other animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability. Service animals are permitted on board Harford Transit LINK vehicles. Other pets and animals are not permitted on board. ELIGIBILITY for Paratransit services can be determined in three ways: 1) You can submit documentation that you are receiving services or benefits from a public agency that serves Harford County citizens who have disabilities, such as Medicare, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), etc. 2) If you

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to carry identification with you. Non-drivers can get a Maryland ID Card from the Motor Vehicle Administration. For more information, call

do not receive such services or benefits, your doctor or other health professionals familiar with your condition can complete part two of the application, documenting your disability. 3) For ADA Paratransit Services, applicants will need to submit a separate application indicating that they meet the requirements for this service. For more information and a copy of the application please visit our website www.harfordtransitLINK.org (under “Forms” you will find the application titled “Reduced Fare – ADA Application”), or call Harford Transit LINK at 410-612-1620 or MD Relay 711. VISITORS An ADA eligible individual from another jurisdiction, including one in another state, shall be considered a visitor. A visitor may use Harford Transit LINK’s ADA paratransit services, provided he/she submits either documentation that he/she has been previously certified as ADA eligible in the other jurisdiction or evidence that they qualify for ADA services. For additional information, please review the full policy on our website at www.harfordtransitLINK.org. SENIOR ACTIVITY CENTER SUPPORT SERVICE is available for seniors; must register with Harford Transit LINK. Once registered, participants may reserve trips by signing up at the senior activity center they are attending. COMMUTER INFORMATION & WORKFORCE OPTIONS The Harford Commute Smart Rideshare Program provides free information regarding transit and customized ridematch to Harford County residents including car/ vanpool ridematching services, Harford Transit LINK schedules, Getting There With Harford Transit LINK - Train the Trainer program, MARC & Commuter Bus schedules, locations for all Harford County Park ‘n Ride lots, and biking information. BICYCLES ON BOARD All Harford Transit LINK buses are equipped with exterior bicycle racks to accommodate up to two (2) bikes per bus. Only bicycles may be placed on the bike rack and all bags, luggage, or containers must be removed from the bike. If these items are bolted to the frame, all contents must be removed. Harford Transit LINK is not responsible for lost or damaged items. DOWNLOAD OUR FREE APPS TODAY!...

1-800-950-1682 or 1-800-492-4575 tty. BOARDING AND EXITING THE BUS

Please board and exit the bus at the front door. Signal the driver at least one block from where you want to get off. You can do this verbally or by pulling the cord above the bus window. For the safety of all passengers, persons with disabilities and/or mobility devices will board and exit first. All other passengers can board and exit upon instruction by the driver. TRANSFERRING You may transfer for free from one bus to another at stops which are designated transfer points. If you need to transfer from one route to another, ask the driver for the transfer when you board the bus. Upon boarding the bus you are transferring to, please give the driver your transfer. After departing the bus, wait until the bus has left the stop before crossing the street. Do not attempt to cross in front of the bus because other drivers will not be able to see you. Transfers are valid for a maximum of two (2) hours from issuance or until connecting with desired bus at a transfer point - whichever time is shorter. Like any skill, trip planning takes some practice. Please call Harford Transit for assistance; we will be happy to answer any questions or assist you in planning your trip. Bus schedules are available at Harford Transit LINK, located at 1311 Abingdon Road, Abingdon; online at www. harfordtransitLINK.org; at the branches of the Harford County Public Library; at the County and State Office Buildings in Bel Air, the Harford County Health Department, and at other locations throughout the County. To sign up for our email list to receive Transit news and updates, visit www.harfordtransitLINK.org. SPECIALIZED SERVICES DEMAND RESPONSE SERVICE is available Countywide to Harford County seniors (age 60 or over) and individuals who have a disability or other condition that makes it difficult for them to ride the fixed route bus without special facilities or planning. This service is available Monday-Friday during normal operating hours (5:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.), except County holidays. Weekday evening hours are also available from 4:00 - 9:00 p.m. in the central and southern part of the County. Appointments must be made 48 hours in advance, are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, and are based on availability. To apply




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