A tough choice for judges

Photo Diane Hunter

Photo Diane Hunter

Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute won first prize in this weekend’s Gingerbread Competition, held at the weekly Farmers’Market.

VCI first place winners, teacher Lois Lintell and grade 10 student Allison Gray, with their prized gingerbread train.

“The competition was very tight,” said Phil Arber, event organizer. “This was not an easy decision to make.” ESCP and VCI both presented incredible gingerbread creations that were crafted by the schools’ cooking class. “The reason behind this event is two-fold,” said Arber. “One, it’s a friendly competition and, two, the creative food aspect. Nobody cooks anymore. If we want to rekindle our love of cooking, we have to start with the children. Otherwise, we are going to be eating fast food for the rest of our lives.” “We were all so impressed with Plantage-

net School,” said Reenie Marx, one of the event judges and local artist. “And VCI, yours was brilliant. Somuch work and so fantastic.” “This was a VCI grade 10 food-class project with our teacher, Mr. Edwards,” said Allison Gray, grade 10 student at VCI.“We all divided up the work and did it together.” Mrs. Lois Lintell was the teacher on hand with Gray for the contest. “They only have one class a day for this,” said Lintell. “They had a bit of trouble keeping track of the locomotive wheels. The cookies for the wheels seemed to keep disappearing. The kids had a lot of fun.”

Although three schools had confirmed their attendance, only two were there Satur- day morning for the competition. A total of 14 schools from three school boards had been invited to the event. “We are conside- ring opening up the competition to public schools next year,” said Arber. “We are also considering opening it up to private organi- zations like Cub Scouts and Girl Guides.” Sponsored by the Vankleek Hill Farmers’ Market, funds raised for this event go to- ward Vankleek Hill Minor Sports to support families who cannot otherwise afford to en- rol their children in sports activities.


VANKLEEK HILL | With only two entries, judges at the annual Gingerbread Com- petition had a tough time deciding who the winner would be. École secondaire catholiquedePlantagenet (ESCP) createda character from Frozen, Olaf the snowman, along with a house of cards. Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute created a gingerbread train with something to look at from every angle. Entries were judged on creativity, craftsmanship and overall appearance.

Baking up human rights Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute was raising awareness and funds during the Social Justice Club bake sale this week. Grade 12 students Matthew Melzer, Holly Anderson and Amelia Menard were manning the table during the lunch hour, Thursday and Friday, selling baked goods and asking students, teachers and staff to sign the Amnesty International online petition form asking for help in the murder and disappearance of aboriginal women. “This is Human Rights Week. We are focusing on missing and murdered aboriginal women,” explained Natalie Kouao, teacher at VCI and organizer of the Social Justice Club. “We had two tables filled with baked goods yesterday,” said Melzner on Friday. “There was a line up of kids here during lunch yesterday and today. We have sold most of it, and have gotten about 130 signatures for the petition.” “It’s always a good cause,” added Menard. “We are hoping to get the whole school to sign. We are having fun and supporting a great cause.” Mrs. Kouao reported that the bake sale raised a total of $204.75. «The kids had a great time,» reported Kouao. Manoir CARILLON Manor

Photo Diane Hunter

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