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Some time ago, I started a tradition that’s become a part of my everyday ritual. I call it “patio time.” At the end of the day, I like to go outside and sit on the patio. I don’t take my computer, phone, or anything that’s going to beep or blink. I just write down my thoughts. It’s designated time to reflect on the day, my goals, and what’s important. I’m huge on reflecting. Whether it’s my first cup of coffee in the morning or patio time in the evening, I like to sit with my thoughts, meditate on gratefulness, and stay in the moment. Mindfulness and meditation not only help manage stress, but they actually create changes in the brain, strengthening certain areas against disease. So, it’s no wonder that during patio time one night, I had a realization. I was enjoying my law practice, but there was something missing from the firm: a team. Teamwork has always been important to me, even as a kid. Growing up playing basketball, I quickly learned that you’re nothing without a strong team. It’s a mentality I’ve learned from my sports icons. Any time they’ve ever won, it’s all about the team. Just look at what Tom Brady says when he’s congratulated on a win: “We’re an amazing team. My wide receiver did a great job of getting open.” He uses “we,” not “I,” because he knows any success is a result of their combined effort. With my law firm, I’ve realized the same concept applies, and so I’ve welcomed a couple new all-stars to the Button Law Firm. Ashley, an attorney, and Rebeca, a legal assistant, have joined the practice, and I’m very thankful for our individual skills and ability as a team. My reflection made me realize that I want more of a team approach to how we tackle cases, and I wanted to bring on someone who can compensate for my weaknesses. That’s Ashley. She is brilliant with the writing, research, and procedure of law, and her strengths have allowed me to be a better trial lawyer. Ashley’s mind was made up to be a lawyer after a life-changing event she experienced as a child: “When I was 5, my mom gave birth to my twin brothers, and one of them was born premature. He passed away due to the negligence of the doctor. We dealt with medical malpractice when I was a kid, before I even knew what being an attorney was. Growing up, I always heard from my mom and dad how the lawyer was going to help us, and I thought, ‘Whatever he does, that’s what I want to do,’ because A New Law Firm Family MEDITATING ON GRATEFULNESS

Sheba, Russell, Rebeca, and Ashley

Rebeca Garcia

Ashley Washington

my family spoke so highly of him. Since then, I’ve had one goal: to be the attorney that helps somebody and changes their life for the better.”

Originally from Florida, Ashley says her first time in Texas “felt like home,” and she is happy to call it that now. She and her husband have two dogs that take up most of their time outside of work. They do make the trip back to Miami often to visit her family, and the Miami Marlins are still her favorite team despite being “a very difficult team to be a fan of.” When I met Rebeca, who’s now our legal assistant, I immediately knew she was going to be exactly what we needed. She is challenge-oriented and her mind is always set on the process of getting the work done. She’s a self-starter. Whatever needs to be done, she’ll figure out a way. Rebeca loves our mission, and she’s always organized and eager to learn more. Here’s a bit more from Rebeca in her own words: “I always knew I wanted to go into the legal field. I have a lot of investigative skills and I love figuring out problems. The work is challenging but also very rewarding. Every case is different, so you are always finding new techniques and strategies to get to where you want to be.” Rebeca has lived in Dallas all her life, and she calls herself a “die-hard Texan.” She loves the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas lifestyle. Outside of work, she shares her passion for animals by volunteering at shelters, and she also enjoys family time and a good crime show. If you visit the office, I look forward to introducing you to these talented folks in person. We’re a team, and we’ll work collectively to get you the closure you need. Have a happy Thanksgiving with your family. I hope you have just as much to be grateful for, and don’t be afraid to take some patio time to remind yourself of it. Russell Button 214-888-2216


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