Well, it seems that most of us have

television, to watch the Canadiens take on

survived yet another election campaign.

the Leafs and later the Yankees confront the


Tigers. A handful of Crack supporters was

in the run-up to the October 6 electionmay

keeping tabs on the election results.

still be licking wounds or nursing

And, sports fans, itwent right down to the


wire, with Crack winning by about 1,300

However, life has returned to normal

votes. Itwasoneof themost excitingcontests

for the masses who are less “engaged” in

in the province

the political process.

Across the province, voter turnout fell to

We could all benefit from a politics-free

The signs are changing

an all-time low, to 49.2 per cent. That was

period after last fall’s municipal council

even worse than the paltry 52.8 per cent

and school board elections, the spring

participation rate in 2007.

their candidates put their game faces onand

with driving off with about 50 signs taken

federal vote, and the provincial campaign,

The result is disappointing considering

can put the puck in the net.

from along County Road 43 near Finch.

which officially lasted a month but had

that Elections Ontario went to great lengths

So, watch for “house” to become a hot

The man allegedly had a preference for

actually gone on for about a year.


political termin thenot sodistant future. For

blue. While he had in his possession signs

Before we stray away from politics,

more days and ways to cast ballots.

example, in football, when a player scores a

from all three mainstream parties, most of

however, let us recognize all the political

There is always much hand-wringing

touchdown, he or she is said to be “taking it

his collection featured posters for the

workers from all parties who volunteered

about a lack of interest in politics.

to the house.” But, since everything is

Conservative candidate.



shortened these days, that action is boiled

Politiciansarenot theonlyones targeted

their particular political faith.

great, which may have meant many people

down to “housing it.” Thus, do not be

by sign thieves.

Glengarry-Prescott-Russell is one large

decided to play or work outside, rather than

surprised when you hear politicians


and diverse riding.

vote. But the polls were open from 9 a.m. to

bragging about how they “housed” a point

lifting signs erected by opponents of a

An effective door-to-door campaign

9 p.m. There was plenty of time for voters to

when they nailed an opponent on some

proposed mega-dump. The campaign

requires time, effort, sturdy shoes,

make their mark, work in the garden and

burning issue.

organized by the Dump The Dump Now

commitment, conviction, deft language

update their Facebook status, over and over

Speaking of hammering home a point,

committee obviously has hit some raw

skills, motivation, and a lot of other


surprisingly, the old-fashioned campaign

nerves. But really, what is achieved by


We are told that apathy is not healthy for

signs continue to pop up during every run-

ripping off signs stuck up by people who

Now that the provincial parties have

democracy and that a government cannot

up to an election.

aremerely exercising their right to express


represent the masses if it does not receive its

With all the modern gadgets and doo-

their opinion?

four years, the world does seem to be a lot

mandate from a large portion of the people.

hickeys available, quaint two-dimensional

If therearepeoplewhostronglysupport

quieter, and less angry, eh?


posters are apparently still effective. If not,

a hugewastemanagement facility, why do

Theattackadsbecomealmost laughable

could be spurred into voting simply by

the parties would not invest so much time

they not simply respond with their own

after you have been subjected to them day

asking: “Want to live in a country where the

and effort in carpeting the countrysidewith

placards espousing the merits of large

after day.

right to vote does not exist?”



Apparently, voters love to be told the

Or, should our system be changed?

There is graphic evidence that signs have

And your excuse was what?

same thing, over and over again, however,

Should we debate, again, reform of the

evolved slightly over the decades. At one

Anyway, speaking of engagement, it

would it be too much to ask for the brains

first-past-the-post set-up?

time, wood was the base of all roadside

seems that we are losing the ongoing

behind the commercials to attempt to be

Should voting be made mandatory?

pitches. Today, some of the most popular

campaign against apathy. Lethargywon in


Yes, indeed, these are concerns that must

models are the ones that resemble plastic

the Ontario election, convincing about 50

Buzz words have a short shelf life.

be pondered.

bags placed over rectangular coat hangers.

per cent of eligible voters to stay at home

Remember when “traction” was slipping

Butweought toclearourheadsofpolitical

Another sign that archaic signs are still

and let the other half of the people decide

from everyone’s lips?

thoughts for a few days, or years.

useful is that they tend to tick so many

whowill represent them in Toronto for the

PR types love to borrow sporting and

Besides, youcanbeguaranteed thatwhen

people off.

next four years.

military terms to describe the action in the

another campaign rolls around, there will

For example, during every campaign,

Prior to Glengarry-Prescott-Russell

political arena. The outcome of the

again be complaints about lack of interest.

there are reports of signs being trashed or

M.P.P. Grant Crack’s victory party in St-

campaign is decided in the trenches,where

You can take that one to the bank or the


Isidore last week, most of the people in the

the troops blitz the opponents, hoping that


A St-Albert man was recently charged

community centre bar were fixated on the

$10 million


The town’sconstructionscenehasbeen

again this year. In fact, in dollar terms the

value of projects undertaken so far this

year inHawkesburyhas eclipsed the 2010

seven-month total.

As of July 31, the town had issued 145

permits for work with a total estimated

value of $9,616,750. At the same time in

2010, the municipality had issued 164

permits for projects worth $6,956,250,

according to figures compiled by chief

building official Jean-Claude Miner.The

2010 figures include 27 permits for $4.1

million in commercial jobs, and seven

permits for industrial work valued at



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