Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal — New Jersey — January 17 - 30, 2014 — B


Metropolitan Area Capital Markets Group

Over $1 Billion of Investment Sales YTD 2013

1200 MaDISOn avenue 246,000 SF Sale OF MulTI-TenanT InDuSTrIal BuIlDIng PaTerSOn, nJ

258 PrOSPecT PlaInS rOaD 887,000 SF Sale OF SIngle TenanT DISTrIBuTIOn cenTer cranBurY, nJ

1100, 1150 & 1200 MerrIll lYnch Dr. 380,000 SF

clark reTaIl POrTFOlIO 189,000 SF Sale OF FOur PrOPerTY grOcerY anchOreD reTaIl POrTFOlIO clark, nJ

Sale OF SIngle TenanT claSS a OFFIce cOMPlex hOPewell, nJ

51 cOMMerce DrIve 223,000 SF Sale OF MulTI-TenanT InDuSTrIal BuIlDIng cranBurY, nJ

SOunD ShOre aParTMenTS 206 unITS Sale OF hIgh-rISe MulTI-FaMIlY cOMMunITY new rOchelle, nY

Andrew J. Merin, Vice Chairman 201-460-3358 David W. Bernhaut, Vice Chairman 201-460-3356 H. Gary Gabriel, Exec. Vice President 201-460-3352 Brian J. Whitmer, Senior Director 201-508-5209

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