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At The Reeds at Shelter Haven in Stone Harbor, NJ Hutchinson Mechanical Services receives award for HVAC work

TONE HARBOR, NJ —HutchinsonMechan- ical Services was re- cently recognized for its HVAC work at The Reeds at Shelter Haven, a new contemporary boutique hotel in Stone Harbor. Hutchinson was named a win- ner in the prestigious Excel- lence in Construction awards competition, held byAssociated Builders and Contractors of New Jersey (ABC-NJ). The award recognizes the “best of the best” in the construction in- dustry and, in doing so, creates greater awareness throughout New Jersey for the quality of S

A 40-ton Carrier variable air volume (VAV) rooftop unit services the dining, banquet and lounge areas. These areas along with the lobby, condi- tioned by a 10 to Carrier split system, are integrated with medium pressure ductwork serving numerous VAV boxes allowing individual zoning and control to the various areas. The indoor kitchen with a Captive Air make up air unit & hood system along with Greenheck fans for the kitchen exhaust system accommodates over 300 guests at any given time. The guest rooms are designed with a 30-ton Mitsubishi vari- able refrigerant flow (VRF) zon- ing systemwith 41 air handling units. The INVERTER-driven compressor technology simul- taneously heats and cools, pro- ducing energy efficiency levels never before experienced in HVAC technology. Together, all of the HVAC systems in the building are monitored and controlled via a direct digital control (DDC) building automation system integrated throughout the facil- ity. Each system is innovatively connected to the Honeywell WEB based controller using BACnet technology. All of these systems as a whole can be monitored, updat- ed and maintained throughout the world using anyWEB based device. The system is also pro- grammed to send alarms over the WEB whenever the space temperatures are not meeting their predetermined settings in any area. Plumbing systems are no longer a secondary after- thought but part of the entire holistic luxury experience. The Reeds feature the highest quality sustainable designs, in- cluding water-saving auto flush valves, hands- free faucets and waterless urinals. This first-class facility also includes a few other plumb- ing “hidden gems:” three spa pools on the 2nd level private deck, chic outdoor bar, pool- area drains hidden below the hardwood deck and a Lockinvar modulating, high efficiency do- mestic hot water system. High pressure gas piping regulators permitted pipe size reduction to accommodate space restric- tions in tight mechanical and above-ceiling areas and an elevator sump pump system that senses oil discharge is utilized to prevent groundwater contamination. n

work being produced by the ABC-NJ members. Sustainable and Com- fortable HVAC System Working with Moore Con- sulting Group and Concord Atlantic Engineers , design progressed from concept to completion weighing econom- ics, versus efficiency, versus allowable space to truly arrive at a design that was sustain- able. Hutchinson installed a vari- ety of heating, cooling, ventila- tion and exhaust systems to provide ultimate comfort for The Reeds’ guests.

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