SEFA Results



10.1.1 Purpose of Test The purpose of the chemical spot test is to evaluate the resis- tance the finish has to chemical spills. 10.1.2 Test Procedure The received sample measuring 14” x 24” was tested for chemical resistance as described herein. The panel was placed on a flat surface, cleaned with soap and water, then blotted dry. The panel was conditioned for 48 hours at 73+3˚F and 50+ 5% relative humidity. The panel was then tested for chemical resistance using forty-nine different chemical reagents by one of the following methods. Method A - Volatile chemicals were tested by placing a cotton ball saturated with reagent in the mouth of a 1-oz. bottle an inverting the bottle on the surface of the panel. Method B - Non-volatile chemicals were tested by placing five drops of the reagent on the surface of the panel and covering with a 24mm watch glass, convex side down. For both meth- ods, the reagents were left on the panel for a period of one hour, then washed off with water, cleaned with detergent and naptha, and rinsed with deionized water. The panel was then dried with a towel and evaluated after 24-hours at 73± 3˚F and 50 ± 5% relative humidity. 10.1.3 Acceptance Level Chemical test exceeded the requirements of no more than four of 49 chemicals tested failed with a fail rate of three.

10.2.1 Purpose of Test The purpose of this test is to insure the coating is resistant to hot water. 10.2.2 Test Procedure Hot water (190˚F. to 205˚F) was allowed to trickle with a steady stream and at a rate of not less than 6 ounces/minute on the finished surface, which was set at an angle of 45˚, for a period of five minutes. 10.3.3 Acceptance Level After cooling and wiping dry, the finish showed no visible effect from the hot water. 10.3.1 Purpose of Test The purpose of this test is to evaluate the ductility of the coating. 10.3.2 Test Procedure A one-pound ball approximately 2” in diameter was dropped from a distance of 12” onto the flat horizontal surface, which was coated to DWI standard manufacturing method. 10.3.3 Acceptance Level There is no visual evidence to the naked eye of cracks or checks in the finish due to impact. IMPACT TEST | | 877.348.9663

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