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JVS Ring gets a well-deserved shower from Marc Thomas after winning the first heat at the 29 th running of the Riceville Derby Saturday. Conditions were hot as so was the competition as horses and drivers vied for honours during the event organized by the Riceville Agricultural Society. The heat obviously did not bother JVS Ring as the horse covered the mile distance in a fast time. On A Gamble (on the left) had a slight lead over JVS Ring during the first lap. (Below) The winning form.

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ALLElectronicwaste&electricalequipmentcanbedroppedoff Monday toFriday,8:30a.m. -4p.m.,at: RecycleAction, 1588Aberdeen St., Hawkesbury, ON 613.632.8508 extension #3 ALL Electronic waste & electrical equip ent can be dropped off Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m., at: Recycle Action, 1301 Spence Av., Hawkesbury, ON 613 632-8508 extension #3

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