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JULY 2017

Skydiving in Scottsdale OUR TEAM TRIP TO SUNNY ARIZONA

After such a long winter, I know we’re all ready to enjoy the gifts of summer. Here at the office, we kicked off the summer with a big team trip down to Scottsdale, Arizona. I planned this

they are. These habits have been part of the office for years, but this was the first Whitehall seminar for some of our new team members. It was cool to see things click with them as to why we run the office the way we do.

Saturday morning, we met with our Whitehall coach, Laura, for private team training. She dug deeper into what we learned at the seminar the day before and how we could apply those skills to our office. It was great to talk more in depth about what we learned. When you’re in the office,

Whiskey Row. Fun dinner, but no pool bar in this establishment!

Ready to leave

your time is spent with patients or putting out fires. It’s nice to connect as a team and talk about how we run the office and what we can do to make it better. Everyone had great ideas!

trip to attend an office training seminar sponsored by Whitehall Management. Of course, flying eight hours for a one-day seminar didn’t sound like much fun — no matter how educational the seminar is — so we turned it into a full team-bonding weekend. A trip with nine people could be hectic, but Mindy took charge of all the planning. If you need an itinerary, there’s no one better than Mindy. She likes to have her t’s crossed and her i’s dotted before we head out the door. On Wednesday afternoon, we all carpooled from the office to the airport, and two time zones later, we were in Arizona just in time to call it a night. Thursday morning, we took a group Segway tour through Old Town Scottsdale. There were some hesitations at first, but no one crashed, and everyone had a blast. Scottsdale is a great city, and the Segways offered a neat way to explore it all. The afternoon was for chilling by the pool, and that evening, we regrouped for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. On Friday morning at 9 a.m., everyone buckled down for the Whitehall Home Office Training. This great seminar lasted all day and focused on how we as a team can make the whole experience of going to the dentist easier and less frightening for our patients. We’ve worked with Whitehall since 2014, and they’ve offered great advice for treating our patients like the VIPs

Before we returned home with our new ideas, we went skydiving — indoor skydiving, that is. Scottsdale is home to iFLY, a massive wind tunnel that lets you feel the thrill of skydiving without jumping out of a plane. The wind is so powerful that you become completely weightless, spinning around and tumbling through the air. It proved to be one of the best parts of our trip. I’d love to go again, though thankfully, no one had to skydive during our flight back to Malone the next day.

Mindy flying at iFLY indoor skydiving!

All in all, it was a productive trip. Mindy and I kept glancing at each other, expecting something to go wrong, but it went like a charm was cast over everything! We flew there and back again without a problem, everyone had a great time, and we returned renewed and buzzing with ideas to make the office even better than before. – Dr. Kevin Poupore

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