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YOGA- It’s not toomuchof a stretch to see themanyhealthbenefits

I know yoga isn’t a competitive sport, but if it were, I havedefinitely lostatyoga. Istretchwithclientsdaily, rarely sit down on the job, and practically exercise for a living, and yet I manage to embarrass myself everyclass Iattend. Iamsharing thiswithwhoever is reading this because in spite of all my yoga-failures, I am still devoted to making it a regular part of my fitness-regimen. As a Physical Therapist, here are a couple reasons why I (and you) should consider making yoga a part of our weekly routine. 1. Improved Physical Fitness This is probably the most obvious, even for those who’veneverdoneyoga.Yoga isaproven intervention to improve flexibility, core stability, balance, and can even prevent injuries. 1 2. Less Chronic Low Back and Arthritic Pain A recentstudy tooksubjectswith rheumatoidarthritis through an 6 week course of yoga, with all subjects reporting improved pain levels, less depression and higher quality of life. Another study examining yoga and low back pain found the group that did ONE WEEK of yoga classes had significant improvements in function and flexibility compared to the control. 1

Familyphysician,Dr.NatalieNevins,DO, recommends her patients try any one of the 100+ types of yoga for their overall well being: “The relaxation techniques incorporated inyogacan lessenchronicpain,suchas lowerbackpain,arthritis,headachesandcarpal tunnel syndrome… [yoga]canalso lowerbloodpressureand reduce insomnia.” 2 3. More Sleep and Less Anxiety Research from Harvard recently found significant improvements insleeppatterns forpatientssuffering from insomnia. A separate study found cancer patients reported improved sleep quality and less fatigue after undergoing a trial of yoga, thanks to the breathing techniques taught inyoga,clients reported an increased ability to remain calm and keep anxiety at bay. 3 4. Improved… Fun “ButCole,”youask “Idon’thave lowbackpain,cancer, arthritis,oranyof theother thingsyou’re talkingabout” Well, let’s try thisone:Yogahasbeenshown to improve fertility, sexual performance, and can provide relief from a hangover. Do I even need to cite research for this one? (I will anyway): The improved blood flow and relaxation techniques used in yoga can improve function of reproductive organs and performance, according to one study examining a 12-week trial

of yoga. 3 While other experts cite that the improved metabolism and blood flow associated with yoga acted as a natural “detox” and lessened the severity of hangovers. 1 You are welcome. 5. Take Home Message There are countless other benefits associated with a trial of yoga for people suffering from asthma, multiple sclerosis, post-traumatic stress disorders, and memory loss. Regardless of your age or health- status,yogaofferscountlessways tohelpyouachieve your health-goals, from hot-yoga, to chair yoga, to yoga for athletes. If you’re interested or nervous like I was, check out our yoga workshops each Tuesday evening at 7:30pm located at 965 Baltimore Pike in Springfield, PA by: Cole Racich, PT, DPT, OCS Doctor of Physical Therapy Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist “11UnexpectedBenefitsofYoga”EverydayHealth:http://www.everydayhealth. com/fitness-pictures/10-surprising-health-perks-of-yoga.aspx#03 by Wyatt Myers.Accessed05/12/2017 “The Benefits of Yoga” American Osteopathic Association: http://www. general-health/Pages/yoga.aspx,accessedon5/12/2017. “5 Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga” The Huffington Post: http://www. ,Kristin Domonell.2/12/2014.Accessedon5/12/2017.

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