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to let go of negative feelings and let everyday worries fall away. Take a day of self-care and devote some time to you . Try yoga, meditation, massage, and other treatments that encourage relaxation. My No. 1 recommendation for beating the winter blues? Exercise! Developing an exercise regimen for 2019 that gets your muscles working will help you stay healthy and active this year. Staying active is so beneficial. Not only does it help get rid of stress, but by exercising, we stimulate more than 400 of our genes! Isn’t that incredible? I recently learned about this amazing process. Exercise stimulates our good genes and keeps our bodies functioning at their best. Of course, the opposite is also true. People who are very sedentary don’t access the genes that keep them healthy, and they miss out on these benefits. Exercise improves our brain, heart, lungs, and kidney functions. Don’t forget — your heart is a muscle, and it needs exercise, too. and to grow. You can’t do squats for one day and expect to be good for the month. You need to be consistent to keep your body strong. When we exercise, our muscles produce the hormones and chemicals that help us stay fit. It’s no coincidence that my patients with larger muscles (within a healthy range) tend to be healthier. Engage in some cardio on the stationary bike to keep your heart healthy, try a workout class that uses all your muscles, or go for a brisk walk outside when the sun comes out — just remember to protect your skin. We tend to become more sedentary in the winter and be less active outside (unless you’re in the habit of going skiing in Colorado). Find ways to exercise indoors if it’s still dark out and develop a good regimen for every season. Whether you go to the gym, work out with a professional trainer, or start to get back into your outdoor routine, make a plan that prioritizes exercise. Your body will thank you. As we age, we lose muscle mass and consequently become weaker. Our muscles need continuous stimulation to maintain their strength

Beat the Winter Blues

With a Plan for Spring

How were your holidays? I hope you enjoyed some quality time with your loved ones. I have to be honest, although I enjoy the holidays, the short days of winter sometimes get to me. What I’m looking forward to is summer! Are you looking forward to the longer days as much as I am? Waking up and returning home when it’s still dark out make it challenging to feel energized. At the beginning of January, we still have our holiday glow and are excited to kick off the goals and resolutions we’ve set. But by the end of the month, and especially by the start of March, some of that excitement has worn off, and you might not feel as motivated as you did when you put those resolutions in place. The good news is, the shortest day of the year, December 21, is behind us! The days are getting longer, and we’ll have more daylight with each one, meaning more opportunities to get some sunshine and Vitamin D. I recommend taking this time to make a plan for spring. With the upcoming season of rejuvenation, consider ways to treat your body kindly so you can enter springtime at your best. Now that you don’t have to worry about holiday prep, spend a day at the spa and immerse yourself in full relaxation. Stress ages us, so it’s essential

-Dr. Sanchez OWNER, MEDICAL DIRECTOR | 956-664-1234

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