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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always considered myself a dog person. Their wagging tails, goofy smiles, and palpable joy resonated with me as a child, and in the years since, I can’t help but feel delightfully overwhelmed when I meet a new dog. But even though my admiration for canines is deep-seated, it wasn’t until last month, when my wife and I had to put our sweet pup Hailey to sleep, that I truly realized the lingering impact a dog can have on one’s life. When Rachel and I first started dating in college, we had two beautiful puppies, Hailey, a 6-month-old boxer mix, and Clyde, a 4-month-old Great Dane. As you can imagine, their undeniable puppy cuteness won us over quickly, and in the 11 years since they joined our family, they brought such magic and adventure into our lives. So a few weeks ago when Hailey started coughing, we sensed something was wrong and took our sweet girl to the vet. The X-ray was questionable, so they recommended us to a specialist, but her cough progressed so quickly that we couldn’t wait for the appointment. We paid an emergency visit to the specialist

who then gave us the news we sensed might come but dreaded wholeheartedly: We could expect to spend only a couple more weeks with her. “WHILE HAVING TO ACCLIMATE TO LIFE WITHOUT ONE OF OUR BEST FRIENDS HAS CERTAINLY BEEN TOUGH, I’VE SPENT A LOT OF TIME LATELY THINKING ABOUT THE WAYS HAILEY ENRICHED OUR LIVES OVER THE PAST DECADE.” While having to acclimate to life without one of our best friends has certainly been tough, I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about the

ways Hailey enriched our lives over the past decade. Thinking about the lessons she taught me about life and love has made her passing a little bit easier for me, so I thought I’d share them with you, too. LOYALTY. It’s long been determined that the domesticated dogs we know and love today descended from wolves in the wild. I’ve always found it fascinating (albeit not that surprising) that wolves choose to live in packs. The loyalty each member of the pack displays toward one another seemed to adapt into the


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