Thames Valley Police - Head of Facilities Management

from inspections and audits. • Ensure accurate data in all areas of FM is collected and maintained in order to meet legal requirements. Data also to be analysed and benchmarked against other organisations to drive continual improvement across the whole function. • Provide leadership and professional guidance to the Facilities staff that engages and maintains an appropriate skills mix relevant to the implementation of the shared delivery of core service priorities and Service Level Agreement (SLA). • Lead and advise on new relevant legislation affecting the functions delivered by the Facilities team, communicate changes / new arrangements, promote best working practices, and ensure staff are appropriately trained. Influence the G&SI’s H&S Team in the development and review of Property related H&S protocols and procedures to ensure aims, objectives and priority objectives of H&S Plan are delivered. Produce a cohesive delivery plan for the facilities team which links to and ensures required contributions to the delivery of the Force Strategic Plan, Property Services Delivery Plan, Asset Management Framework and the Environmental and Sustainability Strategy. • Manage the Facilities Managers and the Facilities Support Manager and ensure that they are managing the performance of their teams so that a high quality service is delivered in all areas. Ensure facilities staff perform the critical local enabling role in the delivery of planned / reactive maintenance capital and revenue projects. • Work with the Energy and Sustainability Manager to ensure that the management of TVP’s buildings and sites is closely aligned with and directly

multiple disciplines to ensure functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology Post holder will require a wide range of property/facilities management experience developed over a significant period of time – this includes strategy and policy writing, planning, contract management, financial management, H&S, security, risk management, business continuity etc. • Estate: The post holder will be responsible for managing the delivery of the identified facilities services across the TVP estate which compromises a total of 140,000 sqm across 94 sites with nearly 180 buildings • Fleet: 2100 vehicles and approx. 800 bicycles. • Financial: The post holder will have overall responsibility for approx. £3.75m expenditure/budgets covering the following areas: cleaning, security guards, PFI, minor improvements, reprographics, post. Facilities also have a direct enabling role in the local management procedures that facilitate the delivery of maintenance works/projects, revenue funded projects, and minor improvements works, and are therefore an essential component in ensuring the delivery of a further £7.5 m budget spend by the Property Services Department. • Staff: The post holder is responsible for a The post holder’s principal internal customers will be as follows: CCMT members, LPA Commanders, Head of all OCUs and Heads of Departments. • Overall: Responsible for managing/ delivering the day-to-day Facilities Services that service the accommodation needs of a workforce of approx. 8,500 staff (FTE) and 1000 volunteers. Also responsible for driving related services that support all of the force’s transport fleet. total of approximately 64 FTE. • Key Internal Customers:

supports the objectives and priorities of the Environmental and Sustainability Strategy, which is jointly owned by the Force and the Police and Crime Commissioner. • Responsible for managing the Public Finance Initiative (PFI) contract for the organisation’s building in Abingdon. This involves contractual management of the PFI provider and their FM provider to ensure they deliver all hard and soft services for the site and building to the agreed standards, that it is managed effectively and delivers the required service to the force. Monitor performance and budgets and lead on the benchmarking process that resets costs very 4 years. Liaise with Home Office over exit options at end of 30yr contract. • Manage delivery of overall facilities service budgets (approx. £3.75 million per annum) ensuring audit management framework is in place to implement the agreed facilities programme of work and SLAs. In consultation with LPA Commanders / Heads of Departments, make decisions on the allocation of expenditure within the available resources. Work with the Strategy and Assets Manager to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation of the space utilisation strategies through negotiation and influencing of senior managers across the force. This links directly into the Working Smart programme and the post holder is a member of the Working Smart Tactical Group. DIMENSIONS: Definition: Facilities Management is a professional management discipline focused on the efficient and effective delivery of support services and logistics related to buildings, it encompasses

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