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Filling Your Cup Filling


February is known as the month of love. This often means celebrating our romantic partners and those we care about. We shower them with presents, sweets, and affection — all to make sure they feel our love. It feels good to be loved, and we don’t ever want those we care about to forget it.

But what about yourself? Have you practiced showing love to yourself lately?

I have been on a radical journey the past eight years to dive headfirst into love with myself. It was in my chaos, my downfalls, and the mud of my life that I realized how necessary it was for me to make loving myself a priority. Throughout this journey, I’ve discovered my truth and the strength I have within my soul. I’ve found how powerful a tribe of women can be. I’ve discovered how vital it is to continually love myself. And through it all, I’ve learned that when we are in a state of love for life and ourselves, we have a tremendously positive effect on so many around us. But the path to self-love and radically shifting how you care for yourself can be confusing. The word “self-love” is loaded on its own, and as you begin your journey, you may wonder what it means to love yourself and how to do it. It’s easy to hide behind this for fear of discovering what it means to truly love yourself, but once you break down that barrier, you will thrive in the power it gives you. Get started — or continue on your path — with a few of my methods, adapted from Tiny Buddha, a writer I love. 1. Embody love in everything you do. Give your loving attention to each task at hand. The more love you put into whatever it is you are doing, the more you will cultivate a love-filled consciousness. Start simply with everyday tasks, even if it is just brushing your teeth. Regardless of how CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 ...

February 2020

feelings; only the mind does. Therefore, we don’t have to force ourselves to forgive.

negative toward yourself and others? When you become aware of this, stop, accept, and allow the thought to be; then, send love to yourself and to the other person and say, “I am loving awareness.” It’s important you allow that feeling to surface, but it’s even more important to allow yourself to let it go and replace it with something much more powerful. Remember, we create our reality through our thoughts. What you focus on expands. Choose loving thoughts, and more love will come your way. 6. Surround yourself with love. It’s much easier to find love for yourself when you’re encapsulated in it. Do what you can to move away from the people, places, and things that drain your energy. Surround yourself as much as possible with loving and supportive people. The more you begin to honor yourself and do what you feel is best for your highest good, the more love you will begin to feel. 7. Follow your intuition. As you start to love yourself, give yourself permission to trust yourself, too. We receive little nudges for a reason; our intuition is directing us. Many times, we feel urges to do certain things, but our thinking stops us from acting. It can be difficult, but don’t allow your fears and doubts to muffle this voice within you. When we listen to those feelings and take baby steps to act on them, a whole new universe of possibilities opens up to us. I have been practicing this for the last five years or so, and it has taken me down a path my mind could never have conceived. You, too, can begin to take baby steps each day in the direction of your passions, hits, nudges, or internal insights. Just start. The more I practice these seven steps, the easier they become. I feel a general sense of peace I have never experienced before. It’s not easy at first, but as you continue to step forward in faith and trust your internal hits, I promise it will get easier. And above all else, as you continue on this journey, remember three little mantras: You are worthy. You are loved. You are enough. –Danette May

It’s vital we remember everyone is doing the best they can with what they know. What matters more than anything is not what the other person is doing but what we are doing in response. I would encourage you to practice sending the other person love no matter what they have done to wrong you or what you perceive as their wrong. Look at the situation from their standpoint and release the tight grip you may have on your own point of view. Find peace in acknowledging the wrong and responding in a way that serves your soul.

you start, it only matters that you try! Approaching everything with love will get easier and easier with practice.

“And through it all, I’ve learned that when we are in a state of love for life and ourselves, we have a tremendously

I began this months ago when I found myself complaining in my head about the same old daily routine. I decided to see how peaceful and loving I could be while I was doing whatever I was doing. Not only did it make the actual activities more pleasant, but a deep sense of peace also took over me. Even our most mundane activities can be more fulfilling if we approach them this way. 2. Practice complete acceptance in your life. We can get caught up wishing life had gone differently. Sometimes, what is more painful than the actual experiences are our thoughts about the experiences. They haunt us with what we should have or could have done. We get stuck wishing instead of acting. The fact is we have all experienced painful situations, and to deny them or say they should not have happened only creates more pain. They are part of your existence. You can’t wish them away, and trying to do so only limits your ability to embody love in everything you do. Complete acceptance of the past for what it is and of yourself for being exactly where you are right now is truly powerful. 3. Have compassion for others. Many like to use the word forgiveness, but it’s a far more complex concept than it appears to be. Our true essence never suffers hurt

positive effect on so many around us.”

Remember, when we forgive and release the energy cord of someone, we are giving ourselves the greatest gift: freedom. 4. Be still and know you are love. Humans are many things, but our true, infinite nature is love. I believe we must recognize our infinite nature by retreating into stillness and nature as much as possible. There are many ways to still your mind, but the most effective one for me is getting out in nature and noticing it all. Pay attention to the details hidden in the trees, the wind, the birds, the sky, and the clouds. Be present in their power, stillness, and action. Let them fill you. Each time I practice present noticing, I relax and find peace. 5. Pay attention to the thoughts you have throughout the day. What is scrolling through your mind? Are your thoughts critical, judgmental, and

2 Danette May’s Lotus Journal

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bark

Directions 1. In the microwave, or in the top of a double boiler, melt your chocolate. 2. When your chocolate is melted and shiny, remove it from the heat and add the coconut cream, coconut sugar, and Cacao Bliss. Stir until the ingredients are fully combined and the sugar is dissolved. 3. Line a baking sheet with parchment or wax paper. Then, pour the chocolate mixture onto the paper and spread it into an even layer that’s about 1/4-inch-thick. 4. Break up any clumps in the raspberries and sprinkle them evenly over the melted chocolate. 5. Refrigerate the bark for 2 hours or until it’s firm enough to cut without losing its form but still soft in the middle. Alternatively, freeze the bark for a firmer texture.

Treat yourself to something delicious and nutritious! This bark tastes like dessert, but it’s packed with the incredible healing benefits of our superfood-infused raw cacao, Cacao Bliss. Every bite will leave you feeling happy, energized, and ready to tackle anything life throws at you! Ingredients

6. When you have the texture you want, cut the bark into squares or triangles and treat yourself to a bite! Keep your delicious leftovers in the fridge for another day.

• 3 ounces dark chocolate pieces

• 1 cup coconut cream

• 5 tablespoons coconut sugar

• 1/2 cup Cacao Bliss

• 1 1/4 ounces freeze-dried raspberries




oanna, one of our most inspiring Fit Rise members, found our sisterhood at a dark time in her life. In 2018, her mother unexpectedly passed away after surviving major surgery, and just a few months later, one of the patients

she looked after as a caregiver succumbed to brain cancer. She also lost two friends around that time, both of them just 40 years old. To Joanna, it felt like life was continually kicking her while she was down. Looking for a light at the end of the tunnel, she stumbled onto Danette’s story. “Through all of this trauma, I have found peace because of Fit Rise 365,” Joanna says. “The best thing Fit Rise taught me is to be the best version of myself! It introduced me to meditation, which has changed my life! In my favorite meditation, the ‘I AM’ meditation, Danette taught me to relax my body through deep breathing and to visualize how I want to view myself in the future and what I want to accomplish. Because of meditation, I am beginning to believe all things are possible through positive, daily affirmations.” Since she started meditating, visualizing, and taking the rest of Danette’s teachings to heart, Joanna’s life has done a 180. Today, she’s working on getting her own life coaching business off the ground and launching a career as a writer. “My mindset has changed from victim to champion,” she says. “... I release people, situations, and things that no longer serve me. It’s amazing!” Just as she found peace with her inner self through meditation, Joanna started healing her body with delicious, nutritious food and gentle movement. Joanna loves Danette’s Quinoa Kale Mango Salad recipe and her “I AM JOYFUL” lower-body workout for beginners. She’s also made it part of her practice to spend time in nature, going on long walks outside. “Since starting Fit Rise 365, I have shed 25 pounds and feel great! I will continue on my rise!” she says. Joanna, we are beyond inspired by your journey. Keep treating yourself with love, kindness, and compassion! You deserve this joy! And sister, if you’re reading this with grief in your heart, meditation can help.

Meet Joanna Kleier!

4 Danette May’s Lotus Journal


• Say loving words to yourself every day. “I’m not immune to becoming a little girl who wonders if she’s enough, and wonders if her dreams are going to come true,

People call February the month of romance, but in our book, you don’t need a partner to enjoy the love this season. Instead, try reminding yourself how much you love you . You’ll be amazed how much difference it makes to take Danette’s top five self-love tips to heart. Here are Danette’s rituals, in her own words.

and wonders if she’s worthy. We all have that little girl inside of us, so

I make sure that I stand in my power, in my queen, and tell myself at least 10–15 loving words every single day, words like, ‘I am enough, I am worthy, I am beautiful, I am lovable.’”

• Give yourself the gift of time. “I make sure that I schedule ‘me time’ every single day. Whether it’s at 5:30 a.m. before everyone else wakes up, or an afternoon walk in nature, I make sure I give myself the gift of time!”

• Take a bath. “At the end of the day, I fill up my bathtub with warm water. I put about a cup of Epsom salts in there, then add two

drops of lavender oil or another essential oil that feels pleasing to me at the time. I soak for 10–15 minutes and just give myself that chance to be in the water, to release anything that no longer serves me, and to give back to my body.”

• Honor your intuition. “If there’s an internal nudge,

whispering, or idea that comes into my mind, I honor it. I’ve noticed as I’ve honored these hits, these nudges, these thoughts, that deeper self- love has come for me.”

When you practice these rituals, you’ll be able to show up for yourself and others even more profoundly. To really double down on No. 5, check out the blog post “6 Ways to Transform Your Home Into a Spa” on DanetteMay.com.

• Move your body every day. “I’m all about getting into a space of internal knowing, groundedness, and peace,

but I believe movement is just as important as meditation, stillness, and quiet. Getting into your body is so fundamental for groundedness, for peace, and for self-love to be actualized.”



Listen to Your Soul

offering his own insight into marketing and positioning myself as an expert. But I was still new to business. Many of his suggestions flew over my head, and I left unsure if he was even interested in working with me. Still, he was cordial, supportive, and even in that first meeting, I could tell he was heart-centered. We went our separate ways, exchanging no more than a few texts between one another, and I moved on. But our souls knew more than we did. We should always listen to the secrets they know about us, secrets they are begging us to hear. My Soul’s Message Months later, I was practicing Japa meditation on a beach in Hawaii. My girls and I were camping on the beach to save money while we attended a relative’s wedding, and I knew I had to harness this opportunity for deep reflection. Japa meditation calls for a deep breath in and then a long “ahhhhh” from deep within your belly on the breath out. As you do that, you visualize what you are creating, pushing it into life with the very visceral and real “ahhhhh.” It was at that moment on a little slice of paradise, when I visualized my future, my dreams, and my future relationship, that I saw Craig. He hadn’t crossed my mind more than a few times since that initial meeting, but in this deep moment of self-focus and empowerment, Craig’s image was so clear to me.

Craig and Danette’s Love Story media agency with several top food brands and celebrities at the focus. I knew I had

A nything worth having in our lives is going to challenge us. It’s going to require more of our souls and our entire being. But when we pour our true, raw selves into it, the joy it brings us makes the effort more than worth it. That’s my relationship with my husband, Craig. Together, Craig and I fill many roles for one another. We’re business partners, parents, best friends, adventurers, travelers, lovers, and more. Every day I soak up every part of our journey and enjoy this ride I get to take with him. I am so grateful for the highs and lows we’ve experienced together — each one brings us closer and closer. I have a late-night internet search and the fire inside my belly that spoke louder than my fears to thank for starting my relationship. When I first saw Craig, I wasn’t searching for a relationship. I had survived a messy divorce that left my daughters and me with $47 to our name, mattresses on the floor, and tinfoil on the TV. I was juggling my training job and getting my career as a fitness expert off the ground while being the best mother I could be for my two little girls. I was nurturing their needs and fighting for the little girl inside me who craved her truth and attention. I had a dream inside my heart, and I wasn’t going to stop climbing toward it. One evening, I was sitting in front of my hand-me-down computer searching “fitness” because I wanted to trend in that category. Nestled under big brands on a list of fitness experts was Craig. He was running a social

to get in touch with him. I didn’t care if it was crazy. My fear over his response was far quieter than my desire to see my dream launch. I knew these steps were scary, but I couldn’t just stand in front of the mirror and visualize what I wanted. I had to keep taking big leaps, not fully knowing what was off the edge of that cliff, but knowing that it was feeding my soul’s purpose.

“Our souls knew more than we did. We should always listen to the secrets they know about us, secrets they are begging us to hear.”

Craig didn’t respond.

So, I messaged him again. And again. And again — until finally, a ping came through. “I love helping young entrepreneurs,” Craig wrote. “I would love to help you. When can you I wanted more. A call wouldn’t do justice for the dream I had, so I offered to drive to Craig’s home base in Vail, Colorado, to take him out to dinner. I must have appeared out of my mind, but Craig agreed. jump on a call?”

He was a perfect gentleman at dinner, listening to my stories and my vision and

6 Danette May’s Lotus Journal

the ground and the two little girls in my bare apartment and run. But he didn’t, and the shy, nervous little girl inside me crawled into his lap, nestled up, and watched TV. She felt his calm, his safety, and his love. something I needed to approach with hesitancy anymore. My soul was singing, screaming even, for me to pay attention, and it was time I listened. Like a Fine Wine ... Craig and I were married at the base of the Maroon Bells Mountains in Aspen, Colorado. The The fire in my belly was growing, and I realized this wasn’t

It was my soul’s secret. It knew what I hadn’t realized yet: I had already begun my greatest journey. Six months later, Craig and I met again at a business event. We connected once again and stayed up late sharing our visions, dreams, and goals. I felt his passion and sincerity in developing my vision. Our conversation took a turn when Craig candidly told me he was developing feelings for me and wanted me to know before we continued. I couldn’t deny that I was feeling something, too. It was his chivalry, his candor, the way he approached everything with an open mind, and how easy it was to talk to him. But I couldn’t fully invest myself in a relationship. My soul was hurt by my messy divorce. I didn’t trust men, and even though every signal Craig was giving off pointed to his true, beautiful, caring self, I had to protect what I had built since my divorce. I needed to take it very slow, and trust needed to grow. Here’s the thing about Craig: He approaches everything he does with love. He invests his entire being into projects and people he’s passionate about. He understood my reservations and was more than willing to walk alongside me as I continued to heal. For the next two months, all we did was talk on the phone. He never once missed a call or was late. It was always 8:20 on the dot! When we finally met again in person, I was terrified that he would see the mattress on

Craig is my Earth angel, the wind beneath my wings that helps me soar toward the vision I have set forth for my mission and impact on the world. Craig knows my deepest triggers to heal the little girl inside me who wants to be seen, who wants to be loved, who wants to be heard, who wants to be adored, who wants to be cherished. He’s my deepest mirror, pushing me beyond my own excuses and forcing me to confront my truth. He’s honest, loving, and real. He knows how to let me be heard and allows me to be my own healer and truth-seeker and go deeper within myself. I am better for having met Craig and continuing this journey with him. I am not better because of him, but because I listened to the deep pull my soul had to his. That’s the power of a love that truly feeds, nurtures, and exposes your soul.

wildflowers were blooming with brilliant colors across the scenery around us. My giddy little girls were waiting to watch the moment when Craig would officially become their bonus dad as I walked down the aisle in a borrowed sleeveless dress. But then I stopped. Halfway down the aisle, I let the panic that my father wasn’t walking me down the aisle and didn’t support my second marriage stop me. And I didn’t know that later, after years of setting boundaries and repairing our relationship, my family would come to accept my partnership with Craig, even adore it, in fact. But at that moment, in the middle of the aisle, I was terrified. Craig heard my soul’s pleas, walked down to me, and we walked into our new life — together. It was such a tiny, powerful moment I often look back on as a reminder of the ways Craig feeds my soul. Our marriage isn’t perfect. We both make mistakes, and we’ve both had to be willing to come together in deep, honest, and raw communication to continue nourishing it. We’ve had to do it to flourish as business partners, parents, and lovers. We pour our entire beings into this partnership. We dig deep within our honest, true selves to nurture the love and trust we have built together.

All you have to do is listen when it speaks.

“Craig is my Earth angel, the wind beneath my wings that helps me soar toward the vision I have set forth for my mission and my impact on the world.”

–Danette May

P.S. If you want to learn more about my journey to Craig and other details of our lives that we cherish, check out my book “The Rise.”



It Takes 2 to Tango! As much as we love our solo workouts, sometimes it can be fun to shake up the routine by bringing a buddy along for the ride. This February, why not experiment with partner workouts? for two people. There are plenty of videos that can guide you, too. Just double-check that they’re coming from a certified instructor or studio before you imitate them in order to avoid 3 WORKOUTS TO TRY WITH A PARTNER

unsafe practices. If you’re not comfortable being that intimate with your buddy, try attending a regular yoga class together or flowing through a video at home side by side. Dance the Night Away Taking a dance class together is a great way to bond as a couple and get your heart rate up at the same time! If you’re heading out with your significant other, you could go the traditional route and try a ballroom class, or turn up the heat with a salsa or tango lesson. If you’re planning to work out with a friend, you can still do any of the above, or check out your local gym for a near-dance option like Zumba. Popping in a video and doing a class together at home is a great option, too, if you aren’t ready to get your groove on in public. A Workout on 2 Wheels This is an oldie but a goodie: Go on a bike adventure together! The great thing about

Duo exercise can be a lot of fun with your spouse, but if your romantic partner isn’t up for a sweat session, you can invite a friend instead! Just remember, these workouts should make you feel good, not self-conscious, so if you’d rather keep your movements private for now, that’s fine, too — tuck these tips in your back pocket for another day. If you have a partner in mind, try one of these options. Couples Yoga Couples yoga sometimes gets a bad rap, but it’s fun, we promise! If you’re a yoga beginner, try looking through the schedules of studios near you for couples classes, which encourage partners to help each other stretch and balance in poses designed

biking is that you can push yourself as hard as you’d like and even chat with your partner while you pedal. Try taking a spin through your neighborhood, around town, or on a nature trail to combine a good workout with fresh air. Last but not least, don’t forget that you always, always have a workout partner in Danette. Over the years, Danette has filmed dozens of exercise videos you can follow along with. Head to your membership site, members.fitrise.com, to check them out.

INSP IRAT ION 8 Danette May’s Lotus Journal

DON’T CHEAT, TREAT! Why You Should Kiss ‘Cheat Meals’ Goodbye D o you remember the Buzzfeed article about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s “epic cheat meals” that went viral last fall? The photos were jaw- dropping: 12 double-dough pizzas! A foot-high stack of pancakes! A hundred pieces of sushi! A “free day” is an intentional practice, and you can treat yourself to one once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month without disrespecting your body. By designating a day as “free” or a treat, you can cut the negativity of “cheating” out of your life. Danette times her

It’s hard to imagine feeling good after eating all of that. However, it’s probably easy to remember the guilty pleasure of eating everything in sight after weeks or months of strict dieting. If you’ve been there, you know just how negative the whole “cheat” cycle is. That’s why Danette has opted out and would love for you to do the same! “I don’t actually believe in ‘cheat days’ because that implies that you’re cheating on yourself, that you’re doing something bad, and that’s a negative emotion to send to your body,” Danette explains. “I believe that every emotion we place on food, on water, on intention in life has an effect on us. That’s why I talk about ‘free days,’ which are days when you can go off your plan. I always incorporate one free day every single week. That’s because I have built up a good discipline over time of eating clean, healing foods that honor my body.”

free days to align with parties, trips, or other special events (yes, a Saturday night is a special event!) so she can indulge without guilt.

“Life is meant to be enjoyed, and free days are actually good for you!” Danette says. “They keep your mind in this state of ‘I get to have’ instead of ‘I don’t get to have.’ As soon as you say, ‘I can’t have this,’ or ‘I can’t have that,’ your body goes into craving mode and wants to have it.” Treating yourself to a free day won’t hurt you, damage your cells, or derail you from your goals. In fact, the next day you might feel better than ever because your brain won’t have stressed your body with denial. To learn more tricks for kicking negativity to the curb, search “stress” on DanetteMay.com.



Find Your Confidence and You’ll Find Your Power 3 Ways to Give Yourself a Boost

W e’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: There’s nothing more important than a loving mindset. If you don’t love yourself, embrace yourself, and believe in yourself, then you’ll hold yourself back on your journey toward health and happiness. When the holidays hit, it can be easy to let self-love and self-confidence slide. Maybe you have critical in-laws, you gained a few pounds, or your cooking didn’t turn out just right. If you’ve been beating yourself up for months, it’s time to turn that negativity around! This February, work on falling back in love with yourself using these three methods. Point out the positive. If you catch yourself engaging in negative self-talk — calling yourself names, for example, or criticizing your appearance — put the

brakes on your thoughts and turn them around. Instead of telling yourself you look tired, think, “I am a warrior who worked through the night.” Surrounding yourself with positivity consistently can alter your whole mindset. Make time for movement. If you aren’t already moving your body daily, take the time to do it! Endless studies prove that exercising can clear your mind, decrease your stress, and make you happier. Movement releases endorphins that make you feel good and awaken you to the deep parts of who you are. Once you see yourself, you’ll be a step closer to loving yourself! Visualize your future self. Speaking of seeing yourself, make it a habit this month to take a few minutes a day to visualize the future. Picture yourself full of confidence with a healthy body and a

healthy, loving mind. How does this future you behave? How do you speak, talk, and move? Once you see it, invite those behaviors into your daily life. As Danette puts it, “Mindset is so critical to your success. If you do not have this one, all your houses of cards are going to fall.” The reverse is true, too: When you feel you can trust and rely on yourself, you’ll be well on your way to discovering your truth! For more tips on boosting your self-love, check out Danette’s video, “How to Build Self- Confidence,” on YouTube. You can never love yourself too much!


Looking for more inspiration and behind-the-scenes peeks into Danette’s life and mission?

Be sure to catch the brand-new The Danette May Show, where Danette and her guests share candid insights on how to live your best life and show up as the fullest expression of yourself. New episodes post every other Thursday, so be sure to head over and click Subscribe so you don’t miss a single one. YouTube.com/danettemay

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GREEN TIP OF THE MONTH How to DIY an Emergency Purse Jar

Simply find a jar that will fit nicely in your purse, wrap it with colorful

Over the last few years, glass mason jars have become symbolic of the zero-waste, eco-friendly movement. If you’ve picked up a magazine lately, you’ve probably seen one of those stories about a zero- waste warrior who fit their entire year’s worth of trash into a jar! While we don’t expect you to go that far, it’s true that mason jars have a thousand uses, and they’re pretty much all green. One of our favorite ways to reuse a basic mason jar is by making it an Emergency Purse Jar. An Emergency Purse Jar is just what it sounds like: a jar that you keep in your purse for emergencies! We all know plastic is one of the worst things around for our planet, and having a glass jar handy can help you avoid taking on single-use plastics in a pinch.

rubber bands or some fabric (an old sock with the toe cut off works great, or if you’re crafty, you can knit a cute

sleeve) and stash it in your bag. Now you’re prepared for whatever life throws at you! You can use your jar to get coffee if you forget your reusable mug (the wrapping will protect

your hand from the heat), to store snacks, or to stash your restaurant leftovers. The possibilities are endless!

Your Path to Radical Self-Love

Premium Coaching A small, intimate group with direct coaching from Danette and a handful of experts she loves and trusts to serve our tribe well. Annual Fit Rise 365 Membership The same benefits as Monthly Fit Rise 365 mem- bers, PLUS exclusive product discounts and digital ac- cess to The Rise live event video library. You’ll also save at least $151 per year over the monthly membership rate. Monthly Fit Rise 365 Membership A full suite of resources to help you live your healthi- est life, including a members-only portal with hundreds of recipes, workouts and meditations, access to the Fit Rise 365 Facebook group, and the option to participate in ev- ery challenge Danette releases while you’re a member. The Lotus Journal A gorgeous, exclusive monthly printed newsletter full of health and wellness stories, plus peeks at Danette’s life behind the scenes.




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