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Salvia is a diverse genus of plants bringing a variety of flower colors, habits and hardiness to any perennial assortment. With so many varieties available on the market, it can be a challenge to sort through which ones will work for your program.To help with this, we have focused on varieties best for perennial programs and have divided the genus into three categories: tender perennial types, woody stem types and hardy perennial types. Tender perennial types of Salvia can be hardy in southern areas of the country but in most areas they are not hardy.These Salvias have tropical bloodlines and boast big, bold, beautiful flowers and because of their fast growth, they still work great as summer annuals in areas where not hardy. Species included in this category are guaranitica, splendens and several hybrids.

Woody stem types of Salvia are classified as shrubs and subshrubs in warmer climates, as they never die back and form a woody base.These are generally hardier than the tender perennial types but still not hardy in all areas of the country. Species included in this category include greggii, microphylla, jamensis, leucantha and various crosses of these species. Hardy perennial types of Salvia are generally hardy throughout most of the US; they have a rosette, clumping growth habit and die back in the winter in most places or can be cut back. Species included in this category include nemorosa, pratensis and nemorosa crosses including x sylvestris.

Our Salvia are grown from both cuttings and seed. Lead times and tray sizes are as follows. Keep in mind this is the minimum time needed to produce product and is dependent on supplier availability, we encourage early booking for best selection.

s e e d e d va r i e t i e s

125 / 128 | 12 we ek s

v e g e tat i v e va r i e t i e s

* indicates from cuttings

125 / 128 | 10 we ek s

* indicates from seed

72 / 72 | 12 we ek s

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SALVIA X AMIGO | PPAF A sister to Amistad,Amigo has a similar habit and growth, only flowers are purple indigo in color with a dark calyx.

SALVIA X AMISTAD | PP# 23,578 Known as the friendship Salvia,Amistad is a guaranitica hybrid that is much improved over Black & Blue with rich purple flowers on a black calyx.This variety is earlier to bloom and has a longer bloom season than other similar varieties on the market.Amistad is also available as part of the Sunset Plant Collection.

A follow-up to Amistad,Amante is a color breakthrough being the first guaranitica hybrid with red flower pigmentation. Overall flower color is fuchsia pink on a dark calyx.

usda zones 8-11 | 36-48 " x 30-36 "

usda zones 8-11 | 36-48 " x 30-36 "

usda zones 8-11 | 36-48" x 30-36"

SALVIA X BODACIOUS ® SERIES This new series has medium-sized dark green foliage, maintaining the dark color throughout the season, with no yellowing like other varieties on the market. Plants are covered with long flowers stems and elegant black calyx carrying larger saturated flowers.Also available as part of the Sunset Plant Collection. Varieties Include: Jammin Jazzberry *NEW* PPAF (Left), Rhythm & Blues PP# 29,585 (Center) and Smokey Jazz PP# 33,224 (Right)

usda zones 8-11 | 18-36 " x 18-36 "

SALVIA GUARANITICA HUMMINGBIRD FALLS | *NEW* | PPAF The world’s first hanging basket Salvia! Hummingbird Falls is a low-growing Salvia that will trail with age, making it perfect for hanging baskets and the front of borders. Like most Salvia, Hummingbird Falls is true to its name and attracts hummingbirds for miles.

SALVIA GUARANITICA NECTAR™ SERIES A new series with two colors that are earlier blooming versions of Salvia Black & Blue. A great Salvia series for the mid to back of borders. Deer resistant and heavy blooming until frost.Available exclusively as part of the Sunset Plant Collection.


A classic variety with bluish-purple flowers and near black calyxes.

Varieties Include: Blue PP# 27,183 and Purple PPAF

usda zones 7-10 | 24-48" x 12-36"

usda zones 7-10 | 12-24" x 18-36"

usda zones 8-10 | 36-60" x 36"

SALVIA X SAUCY™ SERIES The SAUCY series was bred using Salvia splendens.While it is not hardy, it makes up for that with large bold flowers that are sterile, so the blooms keep coming as long as the temperatures are warm enough.

SALVIA X WISH COLLECTION TheWish collection consists of buchananii hybrids and features bright flower colors, flowering in the first year with heavy flowering in the spring and fall.These are fast growing, so while not hardy in all places, they can make a great summer annual. Ember’sWish and Love andWishes are also available as part of the Sunset Plant Collection.

Varieties Include: Ember’sWish PP# 25,183 , Love andWishes PP# 27,057 andWendy’sWish PP# 21,889

Varieties Include: Coral, Red andWine

usda zones 9-10 | 36-48 " x 36-40 "

usda zones 9-10 | 36-48" x 36-40"


SALVIA X AMETHYST LIPS | PPAF A Hot Lips type of Salvia, only with purple and white bicolor flowers vs red and white. Habit and growth is similar to Hot Lips including the flower color shifting from bicolor to solid purple or solid white depending on growing conditions.


A series that was bred for improved hardiness and terrific repeat blooming.Arctic Blaze has bright blooms on a compact habit with sturdy, flexible branches.

Varieties Include: Fuchsia PP#28,619 ,Purple PP#28,717 and Red PP#28,620

usda zones 6 a -11 | 24-36 "

usda zones 8-10 | 30-36 " x 20-24 "


The Heatwave Salvias are a cross of microphylla x greggii.This eliminates the variable range of habits and lack of garden hardiness associated with many of the straight Salvia greggii forms in the market. Plants have a compact and tight habit.

Varieties Include: Blast PP# 24,153 , Blaze PP# 24,151 , Breeze PP# 29,845 , Glimmer PP# 24,155 , Glitter PP# 24,152 and Sparkle PP# 24,154

usda zones 6-10 | 24-36 " x 24-36 "


Hot Lips is a stunning bicolor Salvia and flowers are white with red tips. In warmer conditions, flowers can turn fully red or fully white and sometimes both solid white and solid red will be on the same plant, making for an ever-changing display.

usda zones 6-10 | 30-36 " x 48-60 "



SALVIA MICROPHYLLA KILLER CRANBERRY | PP# 26,609 Killer Cranberry has masses of rich magenta flowers on top of an upright, sturdy habit and superior glossy foliage.Available exclusively as part of the Sunset Plant Collection.

Better behaved than Salvia Hot Lips, Little Kiss remains dense and compact at only 18 " high, but still has all of the qualities we love in the original.Available exclusively as part of the Sunset Plant Collection.

usda zones 8-10 | 18 " x 18 "

usda zones 8-10 | 24-36 " x 24-36 "

SALVIA GREGGII MIRAGE™ SERIES A heat tolerant, self-branching series with a mounded habit available in a full range of intense colors.The Mirage series has more flexible stems to resist breakage, meaning they are easier to ship and have less shrink at retail. Varieties Include: Blue PP# 33,036 , Burgundy PP# 28,537 , Cherry Red PP# 28,527 , Cream, Deep Purple PP# 28,538 , Hot Pink, Neon Rose, Pink, Rose Bicolor PP# 33,084 , Salmon PP# 30,729 , Soft Pink,Violet PP# 29,724 andWhite

SALVIA GREGGII RADIO RED | PP# 26,362 A well-branched, true red in the greggii category that will keep its color and remain bright and non- faded longer than other varieties.

usda zones 7 a -10 b | 16-18 " x 14-16 "

usda zones 7 a -9 b | 12-14 " x 14-16 "


SALVIA X VIBE ® SERIES | *NEW LOWER ROYALTY* A new small leaved jamensis hybrid series that was bred for intense flower color and a compact, well- branched habit. Plants have masses of flowers in the spring and freely reflower throughout the summer and fall.

A compact well-branched leucantha cultivar with gray foliage and spikes of long-blooming purple flowers. Santa Barbara, with its compact habit and drought resistance, is a wonderful garden and container plant but also very suitable for municipal or commercial plantings.

Varieties Include: Ignition Fuchsia PP# 32,046 , Ignition Purple PP# 27,788 and IgnitionWhite PP# 28,042

usda zones 7-9 | 28-36 " x 28-36 "

usda zones 7-11 | 18-24 " x 18-24 "


SALVIA NEMOROSA BLUE BOUQUETTA ® | PP# 28,393 A compact variety at only 8" tall with large and intense blue-purple flowers, Salvia nemorosa Blue Bouquetta is a splendid addition to any perennial assortment. Blue Bouquetta is a reblooming variety, flowering from early summer until winter.

SALVIA X BLUE BY YOU | PP# 31,033 A nemorosa and pratensis hybrid with excellent winter hardiness and heat tolerance. It will repeat bloom several times during the growing season when spent flowers are removed. Since this variety is sterile, flowers will last longer.

usda zones 4-8 | 8 " x 12 "

usda zones 4 b -9 a | 20-22 " x 18-22 "


SALVIA NEMOROSA CARADONNA A popular older variety that is similar to East Freisland, only with dark stems and a more upright and larger habit. Flowers are a rich violet purple color.

SALVIA X SYLVESTRIS EAST FREISLAND Another oldie but goodie that has sterile flowers on a compact habit, meaning longer bloom times compared to varieties that set seed. Flower color is rich violet purple.

A new variety with rich violet purple flowers that stood out against other nemorosa varieties in our 2021 Salvia Comparison trial. No bulking or vernalization needed.

usda zones 4-9 | 18-20 " x 18-24 "

usda zones 4-8 | 24-36 " x 12-30 "

usda zones 4-8 | 18 " -18 "

SALVIA X FEATHERS SERIES The Salvia Feathers series has unique deeply incised scented foliage that gives the plant an airy and elegant look. Plants are compact with large flower spikes for an impressive display.This new series will bloom the first year with no vernalization and is one of earliest flowering perennial Salvias.

SALVIA NEMOROSA LYRICAL™ SERIES An easy to grow, well-matched nemorosa series that is available in four colors. Habits are well branched, and plants have excellent rebloom and great heat tolerance.

Varieties Include: Blues PP# 22,919 , Rose PP# 24,274 , Silvertone PP# 23,310 andWhite PP# 21,243

Varieties Include: Flamingo PPAF and Peacock PPAF

usda zones 4 b -9 | 18 " x 10 "

usda zones 4 a -9 b | 22-24 " x 22-24 "

SALVIA NEMOROSA MARVEL FAMILY A family of nemorosa cultivars with the largest flowers on the market. Habits are compact and plants require little to no maintenance in the garden.

Varieties Include: Blue PP# 27,018 , Rose PP# 30,118 and Sky Blue PP# 30,658

usda zones 4 a -9 b | 12-16 " x 10-14 "

SALVIA X SYLVESTRIS MAY NIGHT A classic and very popular variety, May Night has great vigor, excellent cold tolerance and makes a stunning display in the garden with a profusion of deep blue-purple flower spikes.


A new dark stemmed Salvia series with a compact matching habit and intense flower colors.

Varieties Include: Purple and Rose

usda zones 4-8 | 8-12 " x 8-10 "

usda zones 4-8 | 18-24 " x 24-30 "

SALVIA NEMOROSA NEW DIMENSION™ SERIES A well matched series from seed that is economical and easy to produce with no need for PGRs. Plants are compact and well branched and feature the deepest blue and rose Salvia from seed.


A well matched, first year flowering series with five colors. Great in the garden and in combinations.

Varieties Include: Blue Improved, Deep Blue, Ice Blue, Light Pink andWhite

Varieties Include: Blue and Rose

usda zones 4-8 | 8-10 " x 6-8 "

usda zones 4-8 | 12-16 " x 10-14 "

SALVIA NEMOROSA SALVATORE BLUE This seeded nemorosa type of Salvia has very tall flower spikes with a rich blue color on deep colored calyx, making it an excellent lower cost alternative to vegetative types. Salvatore Blue will also bloom with only 10 hours of daylength.


A very early blooming variety of nemorosa Salvia with a larger habit and flowers.A good substitution for Salvia May Night.

usda zones 4 a -8 b | 10-12 " x 6-8 "

usda zones 4-8 | 12-16 " x 12-16 "


An early flowering series that delivers more flower spikes on a compact plant habit. Great garden performance and outstanding disease resistance.

Varieties Include: Rose, Rose Multiflora,Violet,Violet Multiflora andWhite

usda zones 3-9 | 10-15 " x 20-24 "

N O . 7

N O . 7




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