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The ‘New Normal’: Sustainability In A Post-Pandemic World BY TOM MURRAY So, if you have been following the news on the pandemic, you will have heard that when all is said and done, we will be entering a “new normal”. Frankly, I rather enjoyed the old normal. However, be that as it may be, let’s talk a bit about the new normal and how sustainability might play a role in defining it.

Coastal Group Acquires Veecor

Holland, Michigan based Coastal Group, a family investment management compa- ny, has acquired Veecor, a Louisiana based honeycomb packaging manufacturer. With the acquisition, Coastal Group has launched Coastal Honeycomb, LLC, which will produce the lightweight, durable packaging material in Holland and create an initial 12 jobs. The acquisition adds honeycomb to Coast- al Group’s range of packaging services that include design, testing, corrugated, packag- ing supplies and foam. “Coastal Honeycomb adds another com- petence to the growing suite of Coastal Group businesses all centered around an expertise in personal and product safety through high- ly engineered energy management systems,” said Paul Doyle, Coastal Group CEO. “Coast- al is the leader in protecting occupants in all forms of transportation and the products they are transporting.” Veecor has produced honeycomb pack- aging for over 50 years. In addition to pro- duction, Veecor manufactured and designed the honeycomb production equipment used by over 40 companies in the U.S. today. Key

First, let’s find an aspirational goal for what sustainability may look like in the new normal. We don’t have to look far to find one. Although the pandemic has been awful and terrifying, it has, unexpectedly, pro- vided for us a glimpse of what our environment might look like with a full expression of sustainability in the new normal. Some are referring to it as a natural experiment. With most of the globe in lockdown, flights canceled, cars idle and factories operating at base levels, we are see- ing significant reductions in the emission of air contaminants and the discharge of water pollutants. For example, in the canals in Venice, Italy, the water is so clear that for the first time in recent memory the locals are reporting that fish are now visible and that the swans have returned. For the first time in some 30 years, residents of Punjab, India, are enjoying the grandeur of the Himalayan mountain range, visible now from more than 100 miles away. Los Angeles, California, before and after the coronavirus lockdown. The re- duction of carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide emissions has resulted in the lifting of the city’s notorious smog. Photo: Getty/Reuters/Business Insider


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