Historic Westside Gardens Strategic Articulation Map


www.hi stor icwests idegardens .org

OUR PURPOSE What we will do to get there

OUR VISION What we want to see

We plant urban home food gardens to cultivate community relationships and encourage equitable development

Homegrown Food for a Rooted, Powerful and Resilient Westside

CORE VALUES Why we care?

What we do is free

We educate, don’t just serve

Long term commitment

Building relationship with family

Servant leadership

Building equity


START SMALL August 2019



DIFFERENTIATORS What we must do dierently

Strengthen the hub in our spoke of systems

Manage our projects to completion. (Resources, Dates, Task Management, Eective Communication)

Develop tools that will help us succeed as we scale

Implement a structure for decision making and accountability


START SMALL August 2019

• Growers become vendors to sell their items (shared retail)

• Accurate data to show our work and impact

• $50K budget (fully staed)

• Policy link from

• Workshop with

• Events in the Hub

community retention to community gardens

multiple grassroots organizations


• Land use/zone

• Collaborators

• 2 more community members on board

regulatory support (Urban agricultural ordinances

(Use all the tools we need)


• Implemented reasonable/ controllable

• Relationship with policy

• Oce with sta and admins

making zoning

fundraising plan’

• Additional hubs with process to scale with sta

• Contracted

• Market space/ multi-use

relationship with health agencies/ organizations

with paid positions

• Urban fresh block demonstrates how food/health can work together

• Ecosystem of partners

• Developed

revenue or fee for scenic model

(workshops etc.)


• Many squares on map photo with Historic Westside Garden gardens

• Small scale

• Seven-day

commercial farms

farmers market

• Garden angels

• Historic Westside Garden acquired land (ex. Lake Claire Land Trust)

• Employing 100+ people with check in their hand

(advocate) speaking to city councils (with Historic Westside Garden shirts)

• On the map with

people moving from garden to market to kitchen (shows bubbling activity)

www.hi stor icwests idegardens .org

STRATEGIC PRIORITIES What’s most important to us

Economic Sustainability

Evidence Based Data

Community Engagement Events (Activation, Outreach, Involvement, Brand)

Advocating for Equitable Development


Collect accurate data to show our work and impact • Focus on home garden data collection in 2019 • Identify data that is needed and how to collect it • Garden angels collect data • Create shared template for data • Garden angels review data to identify impact • Produce quarterly data snapshot Identify and Engage Collaborators (Use all the tools we need) • Steps: - Introduce them to HWG, invite to site to volunteer (corporate bonding), invite them to partner as - Identify and track organizations that we are interested in collaborating with (type, poc, etc.) - Create better process to engage community-based organizations ->steps they must take before partnering/ HWG confirm they have sta capacity - Create shared a source of families (community based)

Events in the Hub (Monthly/ Quarterly) • Use ‘involve’ not ‘engage’ (cliché) • Dinner with growers • Generating interest (buzz)- Making HWG cool • Be a presence @ community events (Festival of Light) Transform Westside Summit • Create E-newsletter “Garden Angel Spotlight” Workshop with multiple grassroots organizations • Share what we are doing and learn what they are doing in the Westside • “Garden Fair”- everything you ever wanted to know about home gardens • Identify likely organizations (health centers, senior centers, boys and girls clubs) • Connecting with youth 2 or more community members on board • Find people who are already interested in HWG or in similar activities • Meet and Greet event for potential members (breakfast?) • Fun ways for board members to interact with each other (clear roles) • Show Board that we are making a dierence

Land use/zone regulatory support (Urban agricultural ordinances) • Find resources to learn about local ordinances/regulatory lingo • identify partners/ education resources • Communicate the need • Gather information and materials • Advocate for new models • Participate in the development process • Start process for a demonstration of development and food

Growers become vendors to sell their items (shared retail) • Utilize Urban Fresh as reserve stream (dedicated) • Create reimbursement structure to incentivize growers through WGM • Coordination with other organizations to serve vendors or contract crops • Dedicated sta to Urban Fresh revenue garden and market garden • Point of sale system (cash/EBT/CC’s) • Inventory tracking • Education/ Food safety/Best Practice/Treasury • Empower Chris to manage program $50K budget (fully staed) • 10% (negotiable) flow from contracted growth • Corporate giving • Blank Foundation • Funds from other sources (reciprocal) • Fundraising deck for Comms • Data to support execution • P2P compaign • Flip Cause • Newsletters/ Calls to action/ intercom • Larger Nonprofits • Finance manager/ Grant writer • Event tix/ merch sales • DMBWE partnerships • Mercedes Benz events to recruit/fundraise • Water (Fresh) at VF • Opt in with ‘contract’

schedule/calendar for corporate volunteers

www.hi stor icwests idegardens .org

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