IFB 2021 Kansas Health Plans Portfolio

Medica's List of Covered Drugs To help keep your share of the costs at their lowest, our plans cover drugs on Medica's List of Covered Drugs . The list includes drugs that provide the most value and have proven safety and effectiveness. Your cost will vary depending on which tier your drug belongs to.



5 Non-Preferred Specialty 4 Preferred Specialty 3 Non-Preferred Brand 2 Preferred Brand 1 Generic



Network Pharmacy For your plan to cover a drug on the drug list, you need to visit a network pharmacy. Our pharmacy network includes more than 68,000 pharmacies nationwide including most major chains and thousands of independent pharmacies. 90-Day Refill Option You can get a 90-day supply of a drug that you take regularly. Pick it up at a network pharmacy — or have it sent through the mail, with no shipping or handling fees.

Insulin Coverage You'll pay no more than $25 for insulin per prescription unit when filled at a network pharmacy.

Search the Drug List or Find a Pharmacy To see what drugs are covered or to find a network pharmacy, use the online search tool at Medica.com/Plans4KS .


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