IFB 2021 Kansas Health Plans Portfolio

There are two enrollment periods when you can buy a plan:

Open Enrollment Period The period each year anyone can enroll in a plan. For coverage that starts in 2021, this period is November 1 through December 15, 2020. Special Enrollment Period A 60-day period outside of the Open Enrollment Period when you can enroll in a plan. You only qualify if you experience certain life events like getting married, losing coverage, moving, having a baby, or adopting a child.



Gather this information for each person applying before you start your application: o o Social Security number and date of birth (everyone in the household, not just those applying) o o Current insurance information

o o Payment information o o Tobacco use status

Applying on the Health Insurance Marketplace (HealthCare.gov)? Gather this information, too.

o o Driver's license, Tribal ID, Green Card or other ID o o Last year's tax forms (1040EZ or 1040) o o Two most recent pay stubs o o Documents for other sources of income (social security, unemployment, self-employment, etc.) o o W2 form or Employer Tax ID Number


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