Dr. Kourosh Maddahi - March 2020


MARCH 2020

The Artistry in Cosmetic Dentistry

I’ve been in cosmetic dentistry for 33 years, and it took me a good 10 years to fully understand many of the applications of cosmetic dentistry and its intricacies — and to understand it as an art form. I learned that it was my God- given talent to envision the perfect smile. As odd as it may sound, when I look at someone who comes to my practice for a cosmetic procedure, I can see what their smile can become. The challenge is transforming my vision into reality. How can I communicate that image to the patient or to our lab technicians so that everything turns out just as I imagined?

If someone came to me with red hair, I would pick a slightly different shade for the veneers than someone with auburn or blonde hair. There may only be a minute difference in the coloration of the veneers, but it can make a remarkable impact when you see the finished smile. Everything comes together: the color of their teeth, the contour of their jaw and cheeks, the complexion of their skin, and the shade of their hair. Over the course of my career, I have seen many amazing smiles. I see them every day. Having worked on so many patients, I know what works. It’s both an art and a science. I’ve also had the

Much of it comes down to what people perceive to be the “perfect smile.” Some people consider bright, white teeth to represent the perfect smile, while others consider perfectly aligned teeth as the defining feature. Everyone has a slightly different perspective, but more often than not, it comes back to just the teeth themselves. In my mind, the perfect smile is a harmonious smile. It encompasses not only the alignment and color of the teeth but also the shape of the lips and jaw and the way the muscles move in the cheeks. There are so many that go into creating the ideal smile that people don’t realize. Part of the artistry, for example, is the color of the teeth. When people come in for a cosmetic procedure, such as veneers, it’s critical to get the color just right. It goes beyond getting the right or typical “tooth” color. You also want a color that complements things like their complexion and even their hair.

benefit of appearing on a number of television makeover shows, and I’ve worked with cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, and other specialists. This puts me in a unique position to see all the aspects of a smile, and I have successfully brought this approach into my own practice. Ultimately, it comes down to a balance between the teeth, the facial contours, and the colors. Each element must be carefully considered. All of these things go into making a smile beautiful. When an artist goes to their canvas, they consider elements of color, shadow, depth, and more. The same idea applies here. There is artistry in creating the ideal smile, and every patient is an inspiration.

-Dr. Maddahi

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