they can buy to grow their business. For investors, Sundae helps with the difficult task of finding these prop - erties and offers an online platform at where they can view available properties and make offers. Once an investor signs up to join the marketplace, they’ll have access to the full inventory of properties with detailed informa- tion including photos, floor plan, 3D walkthrough, and a third-party inspection report, plus they have access to Sundae’s Investor Advisor team to answer questions and pro- vide support on transactions. “I know from experience how hard it is to be a property investor. Our goal is to support the investors who’ve joined our marketplace by providing a reliable source of fully vetted deals, as well as advice and insights to help them navigate the complexities of the business,” said Stech. Sundae also sees a great oppor- tunity to provide realtors with a new arrow in their quiver—a partner that works with them to package and market their seller’s home to quali- fied property investors when the MLS is not the right place for them. “Traditionally realtors have had a hard time helping sellers in these situations. We get it—real- tors are experts at packaging and marketing homes in good condi- tion to end consumers. Realtors often shy away from homes that need updating because they’re more comfortable selling a house that’s move in-ready,” Stech said. “When a realtor finds a seller with a property that needs love, and the seller needs a fast, quick sale to a property investor, they don’t always know how to handle it. In addition to working directly with homeown- ers, Sundae partners with agents in this situation to help them find the right type of buyer. We manage

benefits - no closing costs or fees, even a $10,000 cash advance before closing, which many sellers use for moving costs or other expenses. For some sellers, speed is also a factor and Sundae allows for closing in as quickly as 10 days. Sundae proved to be the perfect solution for homeowner Joy Davis, a former realtor who was looking to relocate from California to Idaho to be closer to family and for a more affordable cost of living. Her Vis- ta, California home was built in the 1970s, outdated and in desperate need of upgrades, which required time, effort, and money. Not wanting to deal with the hassle that comes with selling a home the traditional way, she started to research Sundae. Davis was skeptical at first because she had heard of companies taking advantage of people, but her con- cerns subsided when she learned how Sundae could ensure a fair price without the troubles that come with putting a house on the market. She was 100% sold on Sundae after she saw how much time and money it would cost her to sell her house the traditional way. “Sundae came along and made us a good deal,” Davis said. “We could pick when we wanted to leave, and we could leave behind anything we didn’t want to take with us. We got a fair offer without ever having to list the house, without anyone having to be in my home.” Davis also appreciated the open lines of communication she had with Sundae’s Market Expert. Once the sale was closed, she felt like a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders. “Sundae made it comfortable for me to sell my home with the quick- est process and the least amount of headaches.” Similarly, Bert, another Sundae customer, was looking to sell his

father’s home after his passing with as little hassle as possible. He’d done the multiple listing service (MLS) process in the past, but this time wanted to sell the property “as is” and not have to worry about get- ting it ready to sell or dealing with showings. Bert recalled a letter he’d received from Sundae a few months prior and connected with the team to get an offer. Within just a couple of days, Sundae prepared his detailed property profile and began marketing the property to hundreds of local, vet- ted investors on their marketplace. Sundae presented Bert with multiple cash offers for him to review within days—no showings required. “It was an excellent opportuni- ty for me,” Bert said. “I had gone through a normal agent for a house that I sold on my own, and I just didn’t like that experience at all. It was a lot of work on my part, a lot of money out of my pocket, and at the end of it all, you don’t recover that amount. You just have to subtract all of your time and effort from the pro- cess of selling the house. I under- stood that with Sundae, I didn’t have to go through any of that.” After selling his father’s home, Bert decided he’d continue to work with Sundae to sell his other properties. “If you’ve gone through the sale of a house, you know it’s never easy,” he said. “I learned that I actually made more money selling through Sundae than selling independently to an agent.” APARTNER FOR PROPERTY INVESTORSAND REAL ESTATEAGENTS In addition to helping sellers, Sundae’s two-sided marketplace serves the needs of real estate agents working with those sellers, and investors looking for properties

18 | think realty magazine :: august 2021

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