We try to find sellers that need help given what’s happening in the market. We cultivate this robust database of active property investors who can buy any home in any condition in anymarket cycle.”


beyond. The company’s expansion will partly hinge on finding City Gen - eral Managers to run these markets. “The City General Manager position requires a strong leader with a unique set of skills, and deep local market knowledge,” Stech said. “As soon as we find the right general manager, we’ll quickly launch our local market- ing efforts and begin matching home- owners and property investors.” So far, Sundae has not had much trouble finding the right people. Stech co-founded the company with Andrew Swain, former CFO at Airbnb. The two worked together for a number of years before embarking on Sundae together. Their pedi- grees and Sundae’s combination of innovation and speed to market have attracted an impressive team. “Having a great co-founder and a talented network to hire frommade all the difference,” Stech said. “The other thing that was helpful was we’d seen what venture capital could do to other

the necessary inspection reports, the 3D virtual walkthroughs, the floor plans—all the things we do for sellers. With Sundae, agents now can help sellers they weren’t able to help before.” AGROWTH STRATEGYTHAT STARTSWITH GREAT PEOPLE Sundae is currently in nine mar- kets including Los Angeles, Inland

Empire (CA), San Diego, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Jacksonville, Tampa and Atlanta and is rapidly expanding. In most of the Califor- nia markets where it’s been oper- ating since 2019, Sundae is already the largest player in the off-market home sales category. The company also has its sights set on additional Texas markets including Houston, Austin and San Antonio, as well as the Pacific Northwest, Boise and

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