Virtual Assistants: Changing Your Real Estate Business


by Brian Snider

o you feel overwhelmed and weighed down by daily mundane

Over time, we have invested in eight virtual assistants who support administrative job duties throughout the company. Whether it be review- ing HUD statements, scheduling closings, managing calendars, or fielding in-coming client calls, virtual assistants are essential to the suc- cess of our business. You may be asking yourself, “Can I trust someone remotely to manage certain areas of the business? Can I hand over control to free myself?” Once I made the decision to add a vir- tual assistant to the team, I was sur- prised to find it was not as complex as I thought. Bringing on a VA gave me more time in my day to focus on

revenue-generating goals and growth initiatives. I wasn’t weighed down anymore by paperwork, email blasts, fielding calls or managing my calen - dar. I began to see the big picture of how virtual assistants could propel my business into long-term success. I was able to pivot my focus back to profit-generating tasks and goals rather than administrative, back-end activities. Two major points to highlight in making a VA a success for your busi- ness are trust and communication. Trust was the first concern I had when hiring a VA. How could I trust someone I have never met to man- age areas of my business? We incor-


tasks? Freedom could be at your fingertips if you welcome a virtual assistant to your team. If you are con- templating hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) and still feel on the fence, let me help you by providing the benefits they can provide to increase productivity, efficiency, and ultimately profit for your business. A few years ago, I found myself spend- ing too much time on tasks that were not helping my business grow at the pace I wanted. That is when I decided it was time to make a change. Our business, Simple Wholesaling, has now been using virtual assistants for three years.

52 | think realty magazine :: august 2021

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