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When Gary Chapman’s book “The Five Love Languages” came out, many people focused on building better relationships with their spouses. But just as words of affirmation, acts of service, touch, gifts, and quality time can

The zoo is a great place to educate your child outside of school. They can play hookey and still learn something. Many exhibits will provide information about the animals, their habitats, and conservation efforts. At the very least, your child might encounter an animal they’ve never heard of before.

help your marriage, these concepts can also help your relationship with your children. One way to show our children how much we love them is to spend quality time with them. And what better way to do that than to break them out of school to play some hooky?


While classics like Skee-Ball and Pop-A-Shot may be harder to find, there are still plenty of exciting activities for you and your child to participate in. Hit up the arcade, peel out in the go-karts, or test out your putt-putt game over 18 holes. There’s an activity for all ages at these fun zones, so you and your child will always have something to choose from. Families often get so wrapped up in the activities of daily life and the chaos that accompanies it that fun is forgotten. What if kids were able to detach from the expectations of accomplishment placed on them in school and extracurricular activities and just focus on having a blast one day with Mom and Dad? Who knows — maybe by playing some hooky with your child, you’ll find the kid in you!


Sharing your love of sports can be a fun way to bond with your child. While day games might not be as common as they

used to be, most teams will have at least a few of them each month. These tickets are usually cheaper and often come with promotions to help draw in fans. While most everyone else will be at work or school, you and your child will have free rein of the ballpark. Just be sure to root for the home team!

“I began having pain in my shoulder a few months before calling Hess Physical Therapy. I, like many people, hoped the pain would go away on its own. It was difficult to drive, do

level was an eight out of 10 (at rest). After my second appointment, my pain was two out of 10. We began very gentle strengthening exercises because I couldn’t tolerate much. I worked up to more challenging weight- bearing therapy, and it was great! “Jessica is a fabulous, extremely knowledgeable physical therapist. She is very compassionate and considerate with her patients. I have recommended Hess PT to friends, family, and even people I’ve met at the store. My shoulder is feeling so much better and much stronger than before. Driving, doing chores, and even sleeping is so much better after completing the plan of care that was made for my personal needs. Thank you to Jessica and the entire staff at Hess Physical Therapy. I am truly grateful!”

“Before coming to Hess Physical Therapy, my back and hip pain was so bad that I was unable to walk or lift my kids. Dr. Jessica found the source of my pain, and I was feeling better after a few short weeks. Dr. Jessica was so outgoing and fun. She made exercising, which I normally dislike doing, enjoyable!”

simple chores, or even sleep. I ignored it for too long, and almost overnight, the pain went from uncomfortable to unbearable. I made an appointment with my doctor and asked if he would write me a prescription for physical therapy. I called Hess PT before I even left the doctor’s office parking lot! “The reception staff was helpful and courteous. I had an appointment with Jessica the following day. When I came in, my pain

– Heather Cozzo

– Kathy Groesser

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