from the syndication feed, so you might choose to include a redirect image that says something like “Check out our website for more 3D tours.” Include this as the second image, or perhaps as the third photo if you have a floor plan image in the second spot already. It’s free brand- ing, and we have found this to be a very effective tactic. NO. 2 Market a pre-lease property with a professional photo The first impression of a property is key. Future residents browse through dozens of properties before deciding, and if the first photo they see is dark or blurry they will likely skip it and keep searching. Zillow does not sort by “Date of New Photos Added,” it only sorts by “Date Listed” so you have one chance to appear as the most recently added property and to make the best possible first impression. NO. 3 Automate the process for mar- keting and operational assets Consider automating the process for all your property marketing and operational assets, including the ordering and uploading of prop- erty photos, floor plans and 3D virtual tours. By automating the process, you can increase efficien - cy throughout the entire property lifecycle and easily scale your mar- keting efforts to keep up with your portfolio growth. NO. 4 Conduct a 3D virtual inspec- tion at move-out By conducting a 3D virtual inspec - tion upon a resident’s move-out, you can accomplish a couple of things. First, it gives the resident an oppor- tunity to clean up and fix things as needed to secure their entire securi- ty deposit. Secondly, your operations team will be able to scale on demand in addition to retaining the 3D scan to determine the renovation scope and

turn estimate time and track appli- ance upgrade schedules. NO. 5 Hold the field team account - able until a property is “vacant unrented ready” When is a SFR property truly ready for move-in? When should it be “available” or “vacant unrented ready”? When we analyze workflow processes for our SFR clients, we often see issues arise during the property hand-off between the field team and the marketing team. To help improve the process, try mea- suring the defects, or the number of times the operations team hands the property off to marketing when it isn’t actually ready. If this is hap- pening on a regular basis, consider holding them accountable to ensure every property meets the appropriate requirements before it’s considered “vacant unrented ready.” You might also consider using a third-party company to verify the property condition before it is offi - cially sent to the marketing team. At PlanOmatic, we offer a Property Insights package which includes a Property Condition Report and 3D Inspection Tour for properties across the nation that is delivered within 48 hours after an order is placed. With our Property Condition Report, you can learn the condition of a property, including its applianc- es, and scope the level of renova- tions and repairs. Reference photos are provided to access a property’s current state, including a customiz- able 600-point inspection checklist and appliance inventory complete with item serial numbers. • Kori Covrigaru is the Co-Founder and CEO of PlanOmatic, the biggest and fastest provider of Property Insights and marketing services for the single-family rental industry nationwide. With a national network of hundreds of contractors and 40 employees, Covrigaru has met the moment with the unique value proposition PlanOmatic offers through technology combined with property insights to support their clients’ goals.

out against the competition when they are marketed to consumers, and it’s a great way for your opera- tions team to get dimensions of the property to better inform renova- tion decisions. 3D tours also allow future residents to explore the home in a real-life way and get a clear visualization of the space, creating more qualified leads. At PlanOm - atic, we have captured and created thousands of 3D tours on behalf of SFR investors and according to our clients, 3D tours have resulted not only in more views per property, but in fewer lease opt-outs because the leads are more qualified. If you opt to use a 3D tour to mar- ket a SFR property, don’t forget to use a redirect image in your photo syndication to send traffic back to your website. Zillow Rentals does not currently remove a branded photo

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