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Water jet cutting is a unique process that provides good edge quality with no burrs and typically eliminates the need for secondary finishing processes. Water jets do not generate heat, eliminating distortion and leaving the material edge unaffected. Our water jet cutting machines are capable of cutting virtually any material, including: stainless, aluminum, carbon, heat treated carbon alloys, nickel, titanium, plastic, granite, marble, and more.

Thickness: • Gauge through 6”

Materials: • Stainless Steel • Carbon • Aluminum • Nickel • Titanium

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Advantages of Waterjet Cutting: • Cuts virtually any material • No heat-affected zone (does not change material properties) • Does not require uniformity of material • Better tolerances on thicker parts • Provides a variety of edge qualities • Ability to make intricate cut designs • Incredible precision • Allows for difficult to machine materials and shapes

• Plastic • Rubber • Wood

Waterjet Cutting Equipment: • (2) OMAX 80 x 160 Dual HeadWa- terjets Machine Specs: • No HAZ (Heat Affected Zone) • +/- .020” to .030” • Gauge through 6” • Difficult to machine parts (Near Net Shapes)

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